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Century: Age of Ashes: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Tips & Tricks to Get Started

Century: Age of Ashes: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Tips & Tricks to Get Started

Century: Age of Ashes has been taking Steam users by storm. This unique free-to-play competitive game about flying mythical dragons and competing in epic aerial battles has been a breath of fresh air in a space that’s obsessed with battle royale games.


If you’ve been trying to get in on the dragon-riding action and want to have a leg-up on the competition, read below for the best beginner tips.



Learn How to Keep Your Boost Up

It’s baffling how the tutorial of Century: Age of Ashes treats boosting as an afterthought as it’s one of the most important mechanics in the game. Having boost at all times means you can swoop in for an attack or escape when you find yourself overwhelmed. It also means getting to the power-ups before anyone else does. There are a few ways you can ensure you have boost available at all times:


  • Fly close to the ground or water, depending on the map. This will help maintain decent boost energy levels.


  • Use the geysers scattered around the map. Each time you get pushed up by one of these, you gain one boost bar back.


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  • Pick up the white Stamina Blessings. These temporarily give you infinite boost energy, and they’re perfect for surprise attacks.



Play Spoils of War for XP

You may already know that XP gains in Century: Age of Ashes are based on the score you receive at the end of a match. This automatically makes Spoils of War the best mode for leveling up. Your objective is based on collecting as many coins as possible. This is significantly easier to do consistently than it is to kill other players. So, hop onto Spoils if you want to level quickly.



Restore Health with Rage Abilities

Your Rage Ability activation automatically restores your health. While this may sound basic, it’s something that can easily be overlooked as an option. In a pinch, even if your Rage Ability itself won’t help you, its health restoration can save you from getting killed. It’s a crucial element to keep in the back of your head as an additional reason to activate.


Century: Age of Ashes: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Tips & Tricks to Get Started



Enter Windtunnels to Restore Stamina

Windtunnels aren’t just there to zip you around the battlefield, and they’re also available as stamina restoring areas. Once you enter a Windtunnel, you’ll begin to refill your boost gauge, which we already said is super important in this game. When you combine this tip with the next one, you’ll quickly learn just how much stronger you can be from using speed to your advantage.


Century: Age of Ashes: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Tips & Tricks to Get Started



Understand How Speed Affects Projectiles

We’ve talked a lot about how important speed is in the Century: Age of Ashes. There’s another additional reason for that. Speed in this game also affects the speed of your projectiles. The faster you’re moving, the faster your fireballs, frostbolts, and other projectiles become. This also means that when you’re boosting, it’s the perfect time to fire something off, making boosting an ideal opener for an attack gambit.


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