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The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes: Beginner’s Guide, Tips & Tricks

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The House of Ashes, a new horror game by Supermassive, is now available to play. Five American soldiers investigate what they perceive to be a weapons silo in Iraq in this game. What they discover, though, astounds them. As you play the game, the mysterious circumstances surrounding their deaths will become clear, keeping you on the edge of your seat. The plot of House of Ashes is similar to that of earlier Dark Picture games.


The story will unfold depending on some key decisions and fast-paced events. As a result, there is a wide range of ways that the game can end. Here is an advanced House of Ashes guide for pro gamers. You’ll also find hints and tips for The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes here.



1.  Inverted OR Non-Inverted Controls

  • Inverted controls are automatically disabled in the game. If you prefer playing it in a non-inverted way, there is no need for a change. You can change it early on by heading to the settings as per your wish.


  • You can choose between inverted and non-inverted aiming and movement in the settings, so we recommend doing this at the start of the game.


  • You might prefer inversion for some things and not for others. As a result, you should test it first before deciding between inverted and non-inverted control.



2.  Cannot Go Back

  • Before completing the next objective in the game, you should thoroughly explore a room. In most cases, you won’t get the chance to return to the room once you begin the story, so you won’t be able to see any hidden pictures or secrets.


  • You are often presented with more than one path in the game, and you don’t know which one will advance the plot. The timer could kick you into a cutscene without you being aware of it.


  • Even though you may not have a choice, don’t rush ahead before you have a chance to search for answers. Don’t hurry ahead before you have an opportunity to find out the answers. It will be easier to discover the secrets if you walk at a slow pace while exploring.



3.  Set Proper Brightness

  • Adjusting the brightness of your screen is entirely up to you. Set your lighting to a higher setting than the game suggests.


  • As this is a horror game, most things will look dark, so ensure you have adequate lighting. It does not take away the dreadful things; In fact, increasing the brightness will make the situation worse because you will be able to see scary things more clearly.


  • There are some scenes in the game where it’s quite dark, so if the brightness isn’t set properly, you will have trouble seeing what’s going on.



4.  Use The Controller

  • Playing House of Ashes on your PC does not require a remote controller; however, you may like to use one in place of a mouse and keyboard.


  • As you move through the exploration zones, the mouse will have to be used awkwardly, and it can feel clunky at times. Using a controller would make exploration easier, even if the exploration areas aren’t built better. Try both out early and see which you prefer before making any significant decisions.



5.  Proper Accessibility Settings

  • If you don’t check the options before beginning the story, you might not realize that there are accessibility settings you can enable for a more enjoyable experience. You can customize the game’s accessibility settings to fit your playstyle.


  • House of Ashes has numerous button prompts, as would be expected from a horror game. There are several accessibility settings related to quick-time events.


  • Normal quick-time events, for instance, may require you to press diverse buttons at different times. With a single accessibility setting, you have to press only one button.



6.  Do Not Choose Complete Quick Time Events

  • Quick-time events, which are not influenced by your choices, are largely responsible for aspects of the game. You have the option of not participating in those events if you so desire. You have to make decisions at the moment, but that can be difficult – both for yourself and for the five characters you control.


  • It may be inevitable that you make a mistake once or twice, so don’t stress. Further, a second character that appears in The Raid after the prologue is the Curator. You hear him intermittently throughout the story, giving you various advice about what to do next.


  • The Curator isn’t always right when he gives you options. As a result, you should exercise caution when following the Curator’s advice. However, if you enjoy horror games, you will undoubtedly enjoy this one.


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