The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Cheats & Secrets - MGW

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Cheats & Secrets

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Cheats & Secrets

How to Get All Endings

Good Ending – Mary is Spared/Priest is Evil/Everyone Survives

When you reach the point where Mary is accused of witchcraft in the trial, you will come to a crucial point that will determine the fate of the young girl. However, you have to make sure that you uncover the Priest’s Holy Bible and its secret in the Museum of Witchcraft during your playthrough as Daniel.


This will ensure that you have proof to reveal the Priest’s satanic markings inside the bible, shifting the blame from Mary to the Priest. When you have uncovered the Holy Bible and its secret and when Abraham interrupts Rev. Carter, you have to choose Enraged and then Insistent when Abraham doubts if he can convince the people.


At this point, Abraham will walk over to Judge Wyman, whisper in his ears, and reveal the satanic markings inside Carver’s bible. This will trigger the good ending where Mary survives.



Bad Ending – Everyone Dies

This is the ending where Mary is condemned and burnt at the stake, while everyone dies in the end. Again in the trial scene where Abraham asks Andrew what to do, you have to choose Troubled and then Callous.


This will cause Andrew to convince Abraham to accuse Mary further and pay for her crime of witchcraft and evil. From this point onwards, Judge Wyman will condemn Mary to burn at the stake. This will trigger the worst ending where everyone does, including Andrew.



Neutral Ending – Poppet is Destroyed/Mary is Spared

You can also get this ending where things don’t go as smoothly like in the good ending, but it ensures that Mary is not condemned. To get this ending you have to lead the choices to make Judge Wyman destroy the poppet.


To get to this scenario, you have to choose Troubled and then Hopeful. This will result in Wyman throwing the poppet on the ground, as it burst into flames. The scene will show you that Mary was never sentenced to die, but you still don’t know the cause of the evil that lurks Little Hope.


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