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Aliens: Dark Descent PC Controls and Key Bindings

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Aliens: Dark Descent throws you right into the thick of the action-packed, pulse-racing world of James Cameron’s Aliens epic. This richly textured real-time strategy thrill ride pulls no punches. But, to keep your cool and navigate the game’s high-stakes, pressure-cooker scenarios, you’ve gotta ace the game’s complex controls – there’s no two ways about it.


Now, don’t sweat it! We’ve got your back. In this guide, we’ll dish out a complete rundown of the keyboard controls and shortcuts for Aliens: Dark Descent. You’ll be running circles around those gnarly xenomorphs before you know it!



Keyboard Controls and Shortcuts

  • WASD: Move around the map. W = Up, A = Left, S = Down, D = Right.


  • Mouse Wheel: Zoom in and out.


  • Spacebar: Pause or slow time depending on gameplay settings. Also brings up the command wheel.


  • Escape: Open options/game menu. Under gameplay settings, you can adjust whether the Spacebar slows or completely pauses time.


  • 1, 2, 3, Z, X, C, B, V: Trigger different command options (such as shotgun blast, grenade launcher, etc.) on the command wheel. 1 = Shotgun, 2 = Grenade Launcher, 3 = Incineration, 4 = Precision Shot, 5 = RPG launcher.


  • Right-click: Direct squad movement. Double right-click to make them run.


  • Left-click: Interact with objects or loot bodies.


  • Control: Engage crouch/cover. Essential for stealth and engagement.


  • C: Crouch or hide behind objects.


  • M: Open the map.


  • R: Reload.


  • Home: Bring the camera back to your squad. (Focus on Squad Leader)


  • Left Alt: Open combat data, providing more detailed information during combat.


  • Left-click on a squad member: Open individual options such as swapping weapons, reducing stress, etc.


  • J: Open data pad.


  • Tab: In combat, switch between squad members.


  • Left Alt + Left Click: Open different options for your squad during combat.


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