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The Long Dark – Survival Tips & Tricks

The Long Dark - Survival Tips & Tricks

Bear Dens – If you find bones in a cave, this may mean it’s a Bear Den. Watch out! Resting in these caves might earn you a nasty surprise.


Cold – Freezing is the fastest way to die on Great Bear. Warm up by getting out of the Wind, getting near a fire, or getting inside a shelter.


Drawn By Scent – Raw Meat and Fish give off a scent that attracts predators.


Drop Decoy – Dropping decoys can distract predators, giving you enough time to escape their interest.


Finding Fuel – Use your Hatchet or Hacksaw to harvest downed firewood from tree limbs or branches. Sticks are abundant and can be harvested without a tool.


Fuel – Wood burns more slowly when it’s extremely cold.


Fuel – Each Fuel type affects your chance to start a fire and how long the fire will last.


Frostbite – Frostbite injuries are permanent. Keep exposed skin covered to avoid this debilitating Affliction.


Great Bear Island – Remote regions of Great Bear Island offer fewer human-made shelters. Come prepared!


Ice Fishing – Use a Tool to break the ice hole in an Ice Fishing hut. It will freeze up again over time!


Items In Vehicles – Locked trunks can be opened using a Prybar.


Landmarks – Look for landmarks to guide your way in the wilderness. Every region tells a story.


Listen Carefully – Wolves can often be heard before they are seen.


Moonlight – Use moonlight to Craft, Research, and Repair when outdoors.


Rabbits – Rabbits are quick but plentiful on Great Bear. Use Stones to stun them for capture.


Rest – You can Rest or Pass Time in a vehicle, with or without a Bedroll.


Scent – Raw Meat and Fish give off a scent that attracts predators.


Shivering – When using a Rifle, a Revolver, or a Distress Pistol, cold temperatures can cause Shivering, affecting your aim.


Sprain Risk – If Encumbered or Exhausted you are at risk for a Sprain on sloped ground. Drop gear or Rest to eliminate the Risk.


Storms Drop Fuel – Blizzards and high winds can knock loose Sticks or drop tree Limbs which you can then Harvest later.


Temperature – Time of day can dramatically affect the overall air temperature on Great Bear Island.


Thrown Torches & Flares – Thrown Torches and Flares have a chance to scare away hostile wildlife.


The Sun – Use the sun’s position in the sky to navigate Great Bear Island.


Wind – High winds will slow movement and exploration, as well as put out campfires.


Wolf Struggles – As well as causing dangerous and deadly Afflictions, Wolf struggles can damage and destroy Clothing.


Workbench & Forge – Keep an eye out for these valuable crafting locations. The items you make with them are often better than the ones you find in the world.


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