Colony Survival – All Console Commands & Cheats


Most common cheats

/cheats on – Enables cheats for the user

/setflight true – enable flying mode. Press F to toggle between flying and walking.

/loot <item name> # – for example, /loot bread 100, can also do /loot <item name> # [player], to give items to a specific player

/lootall {amount} – Gives the user a certain ammount of every notable item.

/time add # – for example, /time add 12 to skip half a day. Use a negative number to go back in time

/setgroup <group name> <player name> – change the status of a player. Can be entered into the server for multiplayer purposes. For example /setgroup king Pipliznl.



  • peasant. Can’t use cheats.


  • king. King can loot, fly, teleport and change time.


  • emperor. Can do the above, and whitelist and blacklist players. Can promote people


  • to king.


  • godemperor. Can do the above, and promote people to emperor.


  • god. Has all permissions.



Teleport commands

/teleport npc {npcid} – Teleports you a specific NPC

/teleport {banner/npcshop/crate} – Teleports to nearest banner, npcshop or crate

/teleport {x} {y} {z} – Teleports to specific coordinates

/teleport colony {colony name} – Teleports to specific colony

/teleportother {player} {banner/here} – Teleports a user either to you or their nearest banner

/teleportother {player} {x} {y} {z} – Teleports a user to specific coordinates




/whitelist add {player} – Adds a player to the whitelist

/whitelist remove {player} – Removes a player from the whitelist

/blacklist add {player} – Adds a player to the blacklist

/blacklist remove {player} – Removes a player from the blacklist



Debug commands

/debug researchall – Unlocks all research for the colony

/debug printhappinessdata – Dumps happiness information for a colony to happybalance.csv in the server directory

/debug printbiome – Displays information about the current biome

/debug printbiomerough – Displays information about the biomes hill multiplier and offset

/debug printbiomeprecise – Displays information about the biomes features

/debug clearcube {radius} – Clears a radius arround the player

/debug complexblocks {radius} – Creates an alternating mesh of adobe in a radius arround the player (no idea why its adobe)

/debug happiness {value} – Forcefully changes a colonies happiness value

/debug logcategories – Prints all categories into console (will not display in chat)

/debug removeblockhere – The name says it all

/debug placeblockhere – Places a block of dirt where you are (useful for building in the air)

/debug killnpcs – Kills all npcs in the active colony

/debug spawnbanner {colony} – Creates a banner for a parent colony

/debug clearinventory – Clears the player inventory

/debug clearstockpile – Clears a colonies stockpile

/debug drain {radius} – Clears adjacent water in a radius (useful if water leaks)




/sethealth {value} Sets health of user between 0 and their max health

/time – Displays the current time during the day

/tps – Displays the average ticks done a second since the server started

/addpermission {permission} {player} – Gives a permission to a specific user

/removepermission {permission} {player} – Removes a permission from a specific user

/addgroup {group} {player} – Adds a player to a group

/removegroup {group} {player} – Removes a player from a group

/reloadpermission – Reloads permission manager


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