The Forest (2020) Cheats & Console Commands - MGW

The Forest (2020) Cheats & Console Commands

The Forest (2020) Cheats & Console Commands

Activate the developer console by typing “developermodeon” in the main menu. Press “F1” to see if it’s working.



Cheats & Console Commands

buildmode on: Turns on unlimited building materials, turns on godmode, turns off survival mode, adds all items and disables enemies.


cavelight on: Boosts the light while in a cave.


godmode on: Unlimited water, stamina, energy etc.


itemhack on: Unlimited items.


buildhack on: Unlimited resources and fast building.


addallitems: Adds all items, except storyline items.


lightingtimeofdayoverridenoon: Sets game lighting to noon until it’s turned off again.


save: Saves the game, without a house.


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