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Bear Party: Adventure Cheats & Console Commands

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Cheats & Console Commands

First, you need to activate the developer console by visiting the game’s options menu (Open “Advanced” and then open “Enable Developer Console”). Then you can press ”tilde ~” (between the Tab and ESC keys) to display the console window.


Note: You must enter “sv cheats 1” before using any command.


  • npc_create npc_citizen – Spawn a Friendly Bear (the color is white)


  • npc_create npc_combine_s – Spawn a Bad Bear (No have a weapon, color is white)


  • give weapon_crowbar – Get Flower


  • give weapon_crossbow – Get Crossbow


  • give weapon_smg1 – Get Uzi submachine gun


  • give weapon_shotgun – Get Shotgun


  • give weapon_flag – Get 8 ball grenade


  • give weapon_rpg – Get Rocket launcher


  • give weapon_357 – Get Gold Revolver (This weapon can be obtained in the server)


  • give item_healthkit – Get Healing Potion


  • give item_healthvial – Get Healing Potion(Mini)


  • give item_battery – Get Chocolate


  • give item_box_mrounds – Get Uzi ammo


  • give item_box_buckshot – Get Shotgun ammo


  • give item_ammo_crossbow – Get Crossbow ammo


  • Impulse 101 – Get All weapons


  • ent_remove – Delete a weapon (Example:ent_remove weapon_357 – Delete the gold revolver)


  • sv_unlockedchapters 15 – Unlock all levels


  • npc_create_equipment – Allows the summoned NPC to hold a specific type of weapon

(Example:npc_create_equipment weapon_shotgun – In this way, the summoned bear will have a shotgun)


  • ent_setname die; wait;ent_fire die ignite; echo – Burn the creature in front of you(Don’t use in the server)


  • god – No damage


  • notarget – The enemy will not attack you


  • impulse 203 – Delete the item or NPC in front of you


  • sv_gravity (number) – Change Gravity (Default is 600)


  • noclip – You can fly through walls


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