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No More Room in Hell Cheats & Console Commands

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Cheats & Console Commands

Type the following commands in the console for the desired effect.



sv_cheats 1; extractallplayers; sv_cheats 0 – Win the map automatically


sv_cheats 1; zomb_squirt_all; sv_cheats 0 – Kill all the zombies from the map


sv_cheats 1; ai_disable 1; sv_cheats 0 – Disable the AI from the zombies (They don’t move)


sv_cheats 1; noclip; sv_cheats 0 – Fly everywhere


sv_cheats 1; npc_create npc_nmrih_shamblerzombie; sv_cheats 0 – Create zombies


sv_cheats 1; give exp_grenade; sv_cheats 0 – Spawn a grenade below your character


sv_cheats 1;give bow_deerhunter; sv_cheats 0 – Spawn a bow below your character


sv_cheats 1; givecurrentammo ; sv_cheats 0 – It gives you full ammunition


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