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Ravenswatch Ultimate Beginner’s Guide: Tips for Getting Started

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Ravenswatch is a roguelike multiplayer game that accommodates up to four players in a lobby. You can pick from a variety of heroes each with their own unique abilities & playstyles, to tackle missions. The main objective is to vanquish the Master Nightmare, the boss of every chapter. While exploring the map, you’ll discover upgrades, side quests, and other challenges that help you gain experience and strengthen your hero.



Selecting Your Hero

Ravenswatch offers six heroes: Scarlet, the Pied Piper, Beowulf, the Snow Queen, Aladdin, and Melissene. Each character has their own distinctive playstyle and moveset.


Scarlet is a melee character resembling a rogue with quick and powerful attacks. However, when night falls, she transforms into a werewolf, becoming more potent but slightly slower.


The Pied Piper is a unique ranged caster whose primary attack sends out a constant stream of musical notes. He can also summon hordes of rats to damage enemies by tapping into his special trait.


Beowulf, a traditional warrior, has a warm companion that enables him to infuse his abilities with fire, dealing increased damage and igniting enemies over time.


The Snow Queen is a ranged caster, or mage, who focuses on chilling as many enemies as possible using her supporting abilities before unleashing shatter and causing massive damage to chilled enemies.


Aladdin, a swift and agile melee character, wields enchanted blades and can summon the power of the Genie to grant him three wishes. These wishes manifest as three potent abilities that can either damage enemies in an AOE, grant upgrades, or heal himself and his team substantially.


Melissene, another ranged caster, sends out a wisp that deals continuous damage to enemies that come into contact with it. Although immobile while the wisp is active, Melissene has an exceptional escape mechanic to evade tricky situations.


Each hero is unique, but they all share a common thread that connects their abilities, directly tying to the game’s progression system. Heroes have a trait, basic attacks, power, special abilities, defensive abilities, and an ultimate ability. Each ability varies depending on whether it’s day or night, which is continually changing during gameplay.



Understanding the Abilities and Upgrades of Each Hero

Throughout combat, you’ll face numerous upgrade choices that enhance your hero’s skills. By defeating enemies and completing points of interest, heroes gain experience. Each time a hero levels up, they gain access to two upgrade options, and the player must decide which upgrade to pursue. The maximum hero level is currently 5, unlocking the ultimate ability. Beyond level 5, you can progress your hero as part of the permanent progression system.


At the end of each round, the hero you played gains experience. Leveling up unlocks new upgrades & items that can be found in future rounds. This system makes each subsequent round easier because there’s a more extensive pool of resources available. It’s the game’s way of rewarding players for their progress and investment in a particular hero.



Leveling Up and Enhancing Abilities

As you navigate through the game, your hero will earn experience points by defeating monsters & overcoming challenges. Leveling up enables you to select new upgrades for your hero. Upgrades can either augment your current abilities or offer benefits like increased health or survivability. Make leveling up a priority to unlock your hero’s ultimate ability, which can substantially boost their power.



Map Exploration

Ravenswatch includes a map with various points of interest for players to explore. These locations consist of the Master Nightmare’s spawn point, healing fountains, teleporters, chests, green orbs, side quests, wishing wells, vision towers, large dream shards, nightmare tumors, and optional bosses. Map exploration and challenge completion reward you with experience, upgrades, and additional resources to bolster your strength.



Grasping the Day and Night Cycle

The game features a day and night cycle that influences both heroes and enemies. Some heroes possess abilities that are more potent during specific times of the day. Monitor the day/night cycle and adjust your strategy as needed.



Handling Health and Revives

Your health will diminish as you take damage from enemy attacks. You can recover health by collecting health orbs, utilizing healing fountains, or leveling up. If your health hits zero, you’ll enter a downed state with a death timer. In multiplayer, teammates can revive you. However, if you’re playing solo or without a teammate’s assistance, you’ll need a Raven’s Feather to revive yourself. These feathers are shared among teammates, so use them judiciously.



Managing In-Game Currency

Exploring the map and vanquishing enemies will yield Dream Shards, the in-game currency. You can spend these shards at the Sandman, a shopkeeper offering upgrades and other helpful items. Strategize your spending wisely, as selecting the right upgrades can significantly impact your hero’s power and survivability.


Dream Shards can be used to purchase various upgrades, including ability enhancements, health boosts, and other utility items that can aid you on your journey. To maximize your hero’s potential, prioritize spending on upgrades that align with your chosen playstyle and the specific challenges you face throughout the game.


When playing in multiplayer mode, coordinate with your teammates to ensure that each player invests in upgrades that complement each other’s abilities. This will foster synergy and cooperation, leading to greater success in tackling challenges and defeating the Master Nightmare.



Mastering Combat & Status Effects

Comprehending combat mechanics and status effects is crucial for success in Ravenswatch. Some enemies possess a white stagger gauge beneath their health bar, which fills up as they receive damage. When the gauge is full, the enemy becomes vulnerable and sustains increased damage. Status effects like chilled, weakened, or trapped can impact both heroes and enemies, altering their abilities in combat.



Advancing in the Game

Defeating the Master Nightmare in each chapter unlocks the subsequent difficulty level. Higher difficulty levels reward you with new magical objects and upgrades. As you progress, you’ll also unlock new ranks for your hero, granting access to novel abilities and upgrades.


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