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Football Manager 2021: What’s the Difference Between a Tactical Manager & a Tracksuit Manager?

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A finely-tailored suit or more athletic attire? An individual’s sartorial choices aren’t necessarily a reflection of their approach to management, but there have been enough examples of a suited-and-booted manager adopting a smarter, more cerebral style, while the tracksuit manager tends to live and breathe every second of play with their players, as if they were out there on the pitch with them.


This is reflected in the way you get to distribute your managerial attribute points depending on your preferred style.


These attributes have a direct impact on your players. For example, a Tracksuit Manager who spends their points primarily on Attacking, Tactical and Working With Youngsters will see their teams become more comfortable with an attacking brand of football, be more versatile in learning and switching between various tactics, and will see young players develop better under their stewardship.


A Tactical Manager who invests in Adaptability, Determination and Motivating, on the other hand, will benefit from their approach being more easily integrated into different countries around the world, from players being more determined on a day-to-day and match-to-match basis, and they will see a tangible difference in the effectiveness of their team talks, team meetings and player conversations.


How you spend your points is entirely up to you; there are a few templates available from the Management Style Focus drop-down menu to help guide you if you need some assistance, but the real charm of this is that you get to be exactly who you want to be.


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