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Football Manager 2021 – Press Conferences

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Press Conferences

As manager of a football club, you are prone to attention from the media. Journalists want to gather as much information as they can, and at times won’t care how they go about obtaining it. The best source for them to piece together their stories is Press Conferences. Before and after every match you play, as well as at other select times (including the signing of a key new player), you will be invited to attend a Press Conference and answer a number of questions about everything pertaining to your stewardship of the club and your relationship with others in the football world, especially opposing managers.


Your Press Officer introduces you to each Press Conference with a heads-up of who is attending and what the likely talking points might be. Each question is presented to you with information on the source and the journalist asking the question, with a number of responses available to you, in well-defined categories to allow you to fully and properly convey your message. There is also the option to make additional comments in your reply.


Over the course of your career, you may build up relationships with certain journalists. Some may become more trusted, and some you might simply refuse to answer directly because of the spin placed on the resulting story. Equally, a more trusted writer might be a useful tool for you to get a point across to one of your players.


You can of course leave a Press Conference after a certain number of questions have been asked before moving on with your day. A more abrupt end to proceedings can happen should you ‘Storm out’ of the press room, although this also has consequences, and will negatively affect your Media Handling attribute.


If, at times, you do not wish to attend the Press Conference, you can send a member of your backroom staff. This can be done on a per-case basis, or it can be permanently assigned via Staff Responsibilities.


Every manager in the game has a ‘Press Conference’ section in their History tab, from which you can see what was said in any press conference and any particular reactions that stemmed from it.


From time to time, you will find yourself fielding an individual question straight into your Inbox, rather than in the Press Conference screen (In Football Manager™ Touch, this is the only form of question you will receive). This works in the exact same manner, simply on a smaller scale.


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