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Football Manager 2021 – What are the consequences of a broken or failed promise?

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What are the consequences of a broken or failed promise?

Keeping a promise is relatively simple; do what’s been asked of you, and everyone’s happy. Breaking or failing to keep a promise, on the other hand, can eventually have severe ramifications. It won’t happen initially; you will have the chance to make amends for your mistakes at least once, if not twice. Whether it’s an unhappy player or the Board questioning your long-term future as their manager, the damage can be repaired at several intervals before the entire process reaches its conclusion.


If things do go that far down the line, however, then be warned. An unhappy player who has given you every chance to fulfill his requests will eventually distance himself from the club and force his way out. A poor relationship with the Board can produce even worse results; fail them enough times and they’ll look for a new manager.



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