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What is the Difference Between WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic and Original TBC

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What is the Difference Between WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic and Original TBC

Blizzard is opting for a “some changes” approach to TBC Classic, rather than repeating the “no changes” approach first tried with WoW Classic. They want to create the same experience as possible, but with lessons learned from Classic.


  • Spell batching to be removed (latency time greatly reduced)


  • Layering is expected at the beginning, but they plan to remove it ASAP once players spread out.


Developers hope layering will be used less in Outland, as the population spreads between Progression and Era realms.


Blizzard has been improving layering even while not in use, recently solving the cooldown between jumping layers.


  • Blizzard is prepared to adjust spawn rates of mobs and resources as needed, similar to what they did for Black Lotus in Classic.


  • Upper limits on the number of dungeons a character can run may be increased.


  • Seal of Blood and Seal of the Martyr will be available to both factions at level 70


  • Leatherworking drums are expected to be changed, so it isn’t considered a requirement for raiders. Blizzard aims the change to keep them as a good boost for leatherworkers, but not beneficial to stack 4-5 per party.


  • Looking for a Group tool (first released with TBC) may include modern conveniences from retail, WoW, but not automatic group making or queuing.


  • Arena team rosters can be twice the size of their bracket, allowing you to have a bench.


  • Blizzard is considering the team and personal ratings.


  • How many players will receive the highest arena titles is undecided at the time. Originally titles were per battle group (13 in NA), but TBC Classic arenas will be across the entire region. It will be a limited number, reflecting the hundreds of titles among millions of players back in the day.



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