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WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Special Herb Locations Guide

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Special Herb Locations

Herbs are found in nearly every zone in Azeroth, as well as inside some dungeons. To gather herbs, you must learn the Herbalism skill as one of your two primary professions. No special tools are required. Each herb has a level range that includes when you can start picking the herb, when you will get skill points, and where you have mastered this level and no longer get skill points.



Fel Blossom

Use: Absorbs 750 to 1250 Damage, lasts 15 seconds


Requires Level 60, Soulbound


Found in Felweed



Flame Cap

Use: Chance to Strike a Ranged or Melee target for 40 fire damage. Also increases fire spell damage by up to 80. Lasts 1 min.


Requires Level 55



Fel Lotus

Randomly found in any herb



Mote of Life

Found in any herb. Not exclusive to herbalism.



Bog Giants

All kinds are lootable via herbalism much like most beasts are skinnable after they have been fully looted. This rewards one of:


Small Mushroom (gray quality)


Zangarcap – 4300 food




Dreaming Glory






Ancient Lichen


Mote of Life (1-2)



Netherbloom Pollen

Random Stat Increased or Decreased by 50, Lasts 15 minutes


Acquired after picking Netherbloom



Mote of Mana

Randomly found in Netherbloom



Mana Thistle

This can be found in various zones, but only in places that are reachable only by flight. You will gain a random amount of mana after picking Mana Thistle



Nightmare Vine

After picking you to take 100 damage per second for 8 seconds due to poison spores coming out of the plant. Possibly resistible.


It is possible to fail in Herbalism, but when you do, it simply means you didn’t successfully pick the herb. The herb does not go away. Just try it again. It may take a few tries if you’re right on the edge of the start level, but you can try as often as you need.


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