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WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Why you Should & Shouldn’t play a Druid

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Why you Should & Shouldn’t play a Druid

There are 3 specializations for Druids in TBC Classic.


  • Balance — This is the ranged DPS specialization for Druids, but can also act as a versatile off-healer in most situations. Despite not performing well in PvE, this is a fairly strong choice in PvP.


  • Feral — In Classic, Feral acts as the tanking spec for Druids, as well as the melee DPS option. There are talents that impact both damage and survivability, so depending on your choices, you will be able to fill both roles.


  • Restoration — This is the healing specialization for Druids and is incredibly strong in PvP, as well as holding multiple spots in many raid groups.



Why you should play a druid:

  • High skill ceiling class with insane utility and a high skill cap that allows them to really stand out


  • Cool & iconic class quest for Swift Flight Form


  • By far the best gatherers in the game due to the instant cast Flight Form shapeshift.


  • The best 2v2 Arena healers in the game


  • Excellent control with roots stuns, and Cyclone


  • Fast levelers


  • Powerful raid utility with innervate, rebirth, and Tree of Life aura


  • Still the best flag carriers in the game in Battlegrounds


  • Can be tanks (feral), melee damage dealers(feral), ranged damage dealers(balance), and healers(Restoration) – and all of the specializations are useful in The Burning Crusade


  • Strong dueling / 1-versus-1 class



Why you shouldn’t play a druid:

  • Still not great dungeon healers due to the lack of a traditional resurrect ability


  • Balance & Feral druids will not be among the top damage dealers


  • High skill floor class that can be hard to play well for new players


  • Feral druids take a LOT of effort to be effective as damage dealers


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