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WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Hunter Pet Leveling Guide – FAQ

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Hunter Pet Leveling Guide – FAQ

Q: What are the best pets for my three available pets?

A: For raid damage, ravager at low crit or low boss armor and high lust uptime. Wind serpent at enough crit to not be focus starved assuming Go For The Throat talent, need to consider stormstrike consumption too. Firehawk for AOE. (# of mobs to be worth?)


For raid utility, owl, or bat with a screech. Usually taken by survival.


For PvP utility, scorpid for poison, boar for immobilizing, or cat for stealth.


TL:DR ravager, wind serpent, scorpid



Q: How should I train my pet?

A: in general: Avoidance, cobra reflexes, focus dump (e.g., gore), bite, dash/dive, and relevant resistances.



Q: Are pet attack speeds or pursuit speeds different?

A: No, all pets have the same base attack speed and movement speed



Q: Do pets scale with my gear?

A: Yes, all pets receive a percentage of their master’s armor, spell damage, spell resistances, attack power, and stamina.


In addition, spells like lightning breath and scorpid poison seem to gain a small additional benefit from the hunter’s attack power. Other pet abilities do not appear to get this benefit. The scaling is small, like six more DPS when gaining 1,000 ap.



Q: What pet should I use when leveling?

A: Owl or bat with screech and growl will have a great threat and the best-sustained AOE threat.



Q: Are there any special pets?

A: in terms of stats, nearly all pets in the same family are the same. (Death Flayer Scorpid?) The exception is caster pets:


Some pets have unique skins, animations, or sounds, though.



Q: How are pets different from each other?

A: Each pet belongs to a family. Different families may have different stat modifiers and may learn different abilities. All pets within the same family have the same stat modifiers and can learn the same abilities.



Pet Leveling

Q: How do I level my pet?

A: Your pet will only gain experience when it is lower level than you. Your pet will also only gain experience when you defeat enemies that are not gray level to YOU.



Q: How do I increase my pets’ loyalty level?

A: Loyalty has three components: experience, being fed, and time. Kill enemies that are not gray to you, feed your pet to happy level, and keep them summoned.



Pet Specifics

Q: Will using a wind serpent decrease my raid’s DPS if it consumes stormstrike charges?

A: It depends. Use this calculator to find out. Using data from sims makes it more accurate:



Q: Should I train bite?

A: In general, yes. Once your crit gets to 40%, bite is equal DPS to lightning breath on a wind serpent.



Q: How does gore compare to claw?

A: Gore should average about 15% more damage than a claw. A ravager with gore will do more DPS than a cat or raptor with claw or a boar with gore on average.



Q: Is the hunter dead zone gone?

A: Yes, you now shoot once you are out of melee range. You still cannot shoot in melee range.


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