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WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Arena PvP Best Mage Specs

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Arena PvP Best Mage Specs

Imp CS + Deep Frost (17/0/44)

The “cookie-cutter” frost spec of TBC. Your primary aim for damage is to line up shatter combos by casting Ice Lance right after a Frostbolt while the enemy is affected by a Nova. This spec also has excellent survivability options with Frostbite, Arctic Winds, and Ice Barrier and the ability to refresh Ice Barrier and Ice Block with Cold Snap. The arcane tree offers valuable options such as Arcane Subtlety to reach spell penetration goals, Clearcasting for mana efficiency, and Improved Counterspell, often used to prevent healers from casting.


Strengths: Burst damage, good balance between offensive and defensive options, not to gear dependent.


Weaknesses: Reliance on Water Elemental to be effective.


Flex points: Piercing Ice, Winter’s Chill, Arctic Winds, Magic Absorption, Magic Attunement, Arcane Impact. You can play around with these options based on comp and personal preference.


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WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Mage Arena PvP Guide



AP PoM Pyro (33/28/0)

The “all-in” spec of TBC. Your primary aim is to butter up a target with Improved Scorch and find a window of opportunity to blow them up with an instant Pyroblast (combo’d with Arcane Power and a spell damage trinket), followed by Fireblast and Blast Wave. Improved Counterspell is also incredibly useful in the arena, as previously mentioned. This spec has some good survivability options with Improved Blink, Impact + Molten Shields, and Blazing Speed.


Strengths: Insane on-demand burst damage and offensive potential.


Weaknesses: Heavily gear dependent, heavily reliant on your PoM Pyro landing, lacks solid defensive options.


Flex points: You can take one point out of Incinerate and finish 3/3 Arcane Potency based on personal preference.


55 9



Ignite + Wele (0/20/41)

The TBC extension of Classic’s popularized “igbar” spec. This empowers your scorch spam while keeping all-powerful frost options like Cold Snap, Icy Veins, Barrier, and Water Elemental. This is more likely a World PvP spec as your lack of Improved CS hurts arena viability.


Strengths: Potential for large ignite shatters, great frost defensive options, Molten Armor empowerment through Molten Shields, and Impact.


Weaknesses: Lack of Improved CS, no mana sustain options.


Flex points: If you prefer playing with Ice Armor, drop Molten Shields and pick up Pyroblast, Imp Fireblast, Master of Elements, or finish Arctic Winds / Incinerate based on preference.


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