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WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Mage Arena PvP Guide

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Mage Arena PvP Guide

How do I get better at arena?

This entirely depends on what your preferred method of learning is. Generally, it is recommended you combine watching, reading about, and practicing the game to improve. For example, you can search for TBC arena videos on Twitch or YouTube and seek through to matchups you’re struggling with. Skill Capped is also likely to start releasing educational content for this expansion.


Arena is a very mechanically demanding environment and game knowledge pays off big time in the long run, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or get involved in discussions. When asking for advice, try to identify your specific struggles and focus on those first – very broad questions are likely to receive oversimplified answers that may not be as helpful.



What professions do I choose for arena?


The ability to enchant each ring with +12 spell damage is very valuable, and will likely be the most common profession chosen amongst arena mages. This enchant is BoP in the sense that you can only enchant your own rings.



Specific items such as the Nigh Invulnerability Belt and Rocket Boots variations will likely be usable in the arena and chosen based on personal preference. These options generally seem strong in the earlier seasons of arena when gear options are more limited.



Gives you the ability to craft BiS BoP gems. This contributes to achieving min-max stat goals but overall won’t make a large impact on your arena games.


If you don’t have MQG, the Living Ruby Serpent trinket made from this profession is an OK alternative.



What race is best for arena?

WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Mage – What Race is Best for Arena?



What are some viable comps to run as a mage?


In a general sense, Mage runs well with Rogue, Dpriest, Spriest, Warlock, and Feral. PoM Pyro mages can also run specific all-in burst comps with a Shockadin, Shaman, Destro lock, or a second PoM Pyro mage.



As either spec, you can run Rogue/Mage/Priest, Mage/Lock/Priest, Mage/Lock/Druid, Mage/Spriest/Rsham, and Warrior/Mage/Druid to name a few.



There are too many potentially viable combinations and the 5’s meta is widely underdeveloped at this stage.


As the expansion matures, it is entirely possible that uncommon comp combinations will perform well. Just because a comp doesn’t appear in this list does not mean it’s unviable. Experiment and have fun!



In what order should I buy my arena gear?

Assuming you’re going from the PvP blue set to epic Season 1 set, the order is as follows (descending):


Helm > (Pants) > Shoulders > Chest > Gloves


Offset depends on what you’re upgrading from.



What is the stat prio for the arena?

3% hit > 60 spellpen = stam = int = spellpower = resilience = crit > mp5 = spirit



How should I control my pet?

There are three commands that manually dictate the behaviour of your pet:



Causes your pet to start casting at the targeted player.



Cancels your pet’s current cast and stops moving at its current location.



Cancels your pet’s current cast to follow your character instead.


It is recommended you keep your pet on Passive and bind these controls separately to sync with your own intent for offense or retreat. If you feel like being lazy, you can macro /petattack to spells such as Frostbolt.


Here is a common macro that allows you to summon your pet on the first click, and bring up the pet nova reticle on the second click:



/cast [nopet][target=pet, dead] Summon Water Elemental

/cast Freeze


You can also make /petdismiss macros with modifiers if needed, such as:

#showtooltip Summon Water Elemental

/petdismiss [mod:ctrl, pet]

/use [nomod:ctrl] Summon Water Elemental



Which CC effects share diminishing returns with Polymorph?

Freezing Trap, Gouge, Repentance, Sap, Wyvern Sting


WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Arena PvP Best Mage Specs


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