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WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – What professions should I pick up as a Mage?

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Number one is leatherworking. Leatherworking has insane with central and TBC, even if they end up nerfing the drums because the future of drums is very uncertain, and nobody really knows exactly what they will do about drums. Let’s forget about trumps, and if they end up being profitable, it is just a bonus. So how do you make gold with leatherworking? Well, first of all, you have armor cans, many different army kits. In fact, like not hydrogen-rich yet and having high army cats, but also cleft hide like garner and Cobra hide leg armor. And then the next is here, which are another cleft, another Cobra leg armor as well.


This will be wanted by people constantly, and we’ll provide the other workers with a steady amount of sales on a daily basis. You also have some bigger crafters, leather workers can prompt several raids best in slot armor pieces that are used by different classes. The actual upgrade of these items depends on how well gear you are from classic. But if you’re a new player, you might want entire sets of these previous items and leather workers should be able to make a lot of guns from these previous items. One cool thing about this is that if you run Dungeons for reputation while leveling, which I’ll talk about in a different video, you can actually get the reputation needed to buy the recipes for these Priebus items while leveling and the faster you can craft and sell these, the more profit you will make. So by leveling fast and doing Dungeons, you can actually make a lot of goals.


Leatherworking can be a profitable profession but it won’t be as easy to make money as it is for some of the other professions because the Auction House can be flooded at times with a lot of Leather crafted items.




Not getting Tailoring will put you behind on gear, this profession is extremely recommended if you take PvE seriously.


The Frozen Shadoweave Boots, Frozen Shadoweave Robe, and the set bonus from Spellstrike are bis until Tier 5.


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