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WoW Classic – Best Professions for Mage

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Best Professions for Mage

Picking the profession might be more complicated than just racial selection. Tailoring is the best option; you get Bloodvine Set, Robes of the Archmage, and lots of good items (bags at first) while leveling. Unfortunately, Bloodvine Set requires Tailoring skills to equip, so you cannot use items otherwise. Tailoring is usually combined with Enchanting; you can disenchant crafted items to get reagents and AOE dropped greens and blues.


Engineering is necessary for PVP; you get lots of useful devices and explosives. This profession is not that expensive.


Herbalism and Alchemy are perfect for making good money crafting consumables and selling them at Auction House; besides, you always have your potions, flasks, elixirs for PVP and PVE.


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