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WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Guild Banks

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Guild Banks

Guild Banks weren’t added to TBC until Patch 2.3.0 (linked to Phase 4 content). Blizzard has stated they will NOT be available at the launch of the TBC Classic. But they plan to implement them before Phase 4.


Your guild officers will be thankful for a shared banking system they can use. But you can also leverage this new system for personal use.


  • Form a guild using a dedicated bank alt by buying a guild charter.


  • You’ll need 9 other unguilded characters to sign the charger. You can either offer to pay people or organize a guild charter signing party with your guild.


  • Once the guild is formed boot, the other founding members and head to the bank to buy your guild bank tabs.


Guild bank tabs get expensive fast, but they offer a lot of slots and don’t require the use of bags. In the end, it is more expensive than using several bank alts but much less time-consuming.


Tab costs, in order:

  • 100 gold


  • 250 gold


  • 500 gold


  • 1,000 gold


  • 2,500 gold


  • 5,000 gold


Each tab offers 98 slots. Buy what you need to start. Remember, gold is more plentiful in Outland, so tabs 4-6 will be more accessible after you’ve been level 70 for a while.


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