WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Guild Banks


Guild Banks

Guild Banks weren’t added to TBC until Patch 2.3.0 (linked to Phase 4 content). Blizzard has stated they will NOT be available at the launch of TBC Classic. But they plan to implement them before Phase 4.


Your guild officers will be thankful for a shared banking system they can use. But you can also leverage this new system for personal use.


  • Form a guild using a dedicated bank alt by buying a guild charter.


  • You’ll need 9 other unguilded characters to sign the charger. You can either offer to pay people or organize a guild charter signing party with your guild.


  • Once the guild is formed boot the other founding members and head to the bank to buy your guild bank tabs.


Guild bank tabs get expensive fast, but they offer a lot of slots and don’t require the use of bags. In the end, it is more ex


pensive than using several bank alts, but much less time-consuming.


Tab costs, in order:

  • 100 gold


  • 250 gold


  • 500 gold


  • 1,000 gold


  • 2,500 gold


  • 5,000 gold


Each tab offers 98 slots. Buy what you need to start. Remember gold is more plentiful in Outland, so tabs 4-6 will be more accessible after you’ve been level 70 for a while.


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