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WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Great Gold Making Spots

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Great Gold Making Spots

Gold from Ogres

A great way to grind for several different things at the same time is by killing the Ogres in Nagrand. A few great spots for this are the Warmaul Hill in the Northwest corner, the Laughing Skull Ruins to the north, the cave at Southwind Cleft, and the Burning Blade ruins to the east. Doing so will get you a lot of gold from the loot and you will also get Obsidian Warbeads that will earn you reputation with the Consortium and Kurenai. You will also gain additional experience with the Kurenai for the kills. So not only will you get a lot of gold from the loot, but you will also increase your reputation which will gain you access to a lot of great items that these different factions sell. Most of the items are Bind on Pickup but the recipes and patterns that they sell are what you are looking for here. With these, you can make items that only a few players can make which in turn will get a lot of gold. One of the items that I purchased was the Pattern: Reinforced Mining Bag from Provisioner Nasela for just 5 Gold. You should be able to collect the required Primal Earths on your own so the only other item required is some Heavy Knothide Leather. The cost to make one of these bags is around 20-25 Gold if you buy all of this from the Auction House but in return, you can sell these bags for 75 Gold! That is a very quick and easy 50 Gold profit every time you do this!



Netherweb Spider Silk

One of the best spots to get this silk is in the Black Morass (Caverns of Time). It’s here where you can find a lot of Blackfang Tarantulas which drop Netherweb Spider Silk. This silk is needed by Tailors to make items such as Ebon Shadowbag and some other pretty cool armor. This silk sells for about 10 Gold each!! What’s nice about this spot is that the tarantulas have an awesome drop rate and you can get a lot of these in just an hour’s worth of playing. If you can focus on killing these guys and then resetting the instance, you should be able to get about 25 of these per hour. This equates to around 250 Gold per hour after you sell them at the Auction House!! Because this an instance, you don’t have to worry about this being farmed a lot and if you have a friend that doesn’t mind tagging along, it will make it all the easier to make tons of gold here!



Angerclaw Maulers

Head into Felwood and find a nice cluster of Angerclaw Maulers. These guys respawn pretty fast so when you kill all of them in an area, the first ones you killed will start to respawn and you won’t have much downtime. Even though they don’t necessarily drop a lot of higher-end items, you will get a lot of stackable Claws, Jaws, Bones, etc… that sell very well as vendor trash. On top of that, you can skin them and make even more money off of the Leather that you sell at the Auction House. On average, this will bring in about 40 Gold per hour.



Crusader Enchant

The Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader is one of the most sought-after formulas in the game. There is only one place to get one of these (besides the Auction House) and that is from the Scarlet Spellbinders which can be found at the tower on your way up to Heartglen. Click here to see a map of where you can find them. While you may have to invest some time before it drops, don’t forget that this formula is worth anywhere from 250 to 350 Gold! In addition to the Crusader Enchant, you will find a lot of other nice green and blue items along the way including some of the cards that make up the Elementals, Portals, and Warlords decks. As long as this place isn’t being farmed, you will have no problem making the money to justify your time up here. If this area is heavily occupied at the time, you would be better off using one of these other strategies and try coming back at a different time when it’s less crowded. I have personally done this before and found mine in about 4 hours. With the profit I made from the formula as well as the other items I found during this time, it came out to be about 100 Gold an Hour for my time. If you are looking for a little more encouragement to get you going up here, someone else in my guild got it around their 15th kill which they obviously got very lucky but just to let you know that it could drop at any time.



Demonslaying Enchant

Over in the Southwest Corner of Azshara (West of Forlorn Ridge), you will find some Highborne Apparitions and some Highborne Lichling. They don‛t have too many hit points which means you can kill a ton of these things in a short amount of time. These guys drop a lot of mageweave, as well as some nice green and blue items. I have also gotten quite a few Patterns and Plans such as Formula: Enchant Weapon – Demonslaying. On average this should make you about 40 – 50 Gold Per Hour depending on how much this area is being hit at the time.



Highbornes in Winterspring

In Winterspring, head to the area just Southwest of Everlook. Here you will find some Anguished Highbornes and some Suffering Highbornes. They will drop a ton of runecloth and you can also get a wide range of patterns, plans, and recipes. If you are lucky enough, you will spot Princess Tempestria. You might need a little help with this one because she is a 60 elite and has some friends around her. She drops the Tempestria’s Frozen Necklace, lots of other BOE blue items and can also drop the Ace of Elementals which will fetch you about 100 Golds.



Weeping Cave

Head over to the Weeping Cave in the Western Plaguelands. Here you’ll find a lot of Rotting Behemoths and Decaying Horrors that have to drop a lot of nice loot and a decent amount of money. The drop you are looking for here is the Recipe: Greater Nature Protection Potion which will drop between 1% to 2% of the time.


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