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FIFA 21 & FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Cheats, Tips and Tricks for more Coins

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  • Use Coin Boosts To Modify Your Post-Match Winnings. Not satisfied with the coins you can earn for winning matches? Fear not, because FIFA 22 comes with coin boosts, which you can unlock using EA Football Club Credits, or FCCs. Playing the game naturally will allow you to earn more FCCs, and you can then use these in the Football Club Catalogue. As you keep leveling up in the game, you will unlock different rewards from the catalog, and these include coin boosts — the smallest coin boost available will add 200 coins to your post-match earnings for a limited period.


Once you’ve got some coin boosts, you can then play FIFA 22 and expect to easily earn coins after you’ve applied the boost and taken on opponents in the online leagues. Each match victory will earn you at least 600 coins if you’ve got the boost activated, and if you also consider the possibility of topping your division and getting promoted to the next, think of how far those coin boosts can get you. We’ve heard of players earning several thousands of coins per hour by doing well in the online leagues, meaning well enough to get promoted — that, of course, is the big caveat, but as you can see, the coin boosts do a world of good in themselves.


  • Get away from the Premier League (if you can’t generate coins). Every player in the PL is overpriced, especially the good ones. There are more options from forwards, but you can build BuLi, Serie A, La Liga hybrids with PL players that are 1/2 the price (and higher-rated) than full Prem squads.


  • Track players mass bid a few hundred coins lower than their lowest buy now price and sell right away. It’s monotonous, but it works.


If you would like to spend none of your time in Ultimate Team playing FIFA, here’s how you can earn decidedly more FIFA 22 coins than any other method free of charge. Mass bidding is the best method specifically, here’s how to do it:


Find a player who’s in demand but cheap enough to buy within your current budget. You’re looking for a player whose demand exceeds the supply, but not to such an extent that you’re forking out several million on a Team.


Find their average price; just cycle through the card’s menus where it’s handily displayed for you. Then calculate the amount you’d need to buy it for if you were going to make a profit by selling it for the average price.


Get bidding – You aim now to bid below the average price, by just a couple of hundred coins difference at most. Remember, this is all about your profit margins; you’ll need to buy and then re-sell at least a couple of hundred coins’ profit each time.


Sell it – Assuming you got lucky and won a few cheapos, it’s time to flip them on the market immediately. If you’re staying with the game and want to re-invest your earnings right away, set the listing for one hour and the buy-it-now price as dead-on average. If you’re happy to wait, set it for four or more hours and a few hundred over the average.


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