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Railway Empire 2: Changing Trains

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Railway Empire 2 introduces a feature allowing passengers, mail, and freight to change trains, which optimizes your rail network and simplifies the distribution process. This allows you to plan & operate a smaller number of more efficient rail lines.



Setting Destinations

Select a city (let’s label this City A). Here, you will see potential destinations that passengers and mail can reach entirely by rail. However, passengers and mail can also change trains at other locations, such as cities (City B, C, D, etc.) or rural stations. This is possible if there’s a hotel, and provided the rail journey does not exceed twice the distance of the direct route.



Building Stations

Construct new stations in different locations (like City B) and connect them to existing ones (like a station in City A).



Creating New Rail Lines

Establish a new rail line between two stations, for instance, from City A to City B. Guaranteeing the arrival of freight at your newly constructed station (City B) is a vital aspect of the game.



Research Tab

Check out the research tab to unlock new features. You’ll need to unlock the hotel feature to allow passengers and mail to change trains at specific stations.



Building and Expanding Hotels

Once the hotel feature is unlocked, you can select a station (like the one in City A) and add a hotel. Now, passengers and mail can change trains at this station.



Managing Freight

Freight, similar to passengers and mail, can be transferred from one rail line to another at stations. However, a warehouse is necessary for this due to the space required by freight. You can unlock the warehouse feature in the research tab and add a warehouse to your station in City A.



Operating Warehouses

After building a warehouse, you need to designate it to handle specific goods, like meat, beer, and cloth. These goods can now change the rail line at the warehouse. The goods stored in your warehouse aren’t your property; they have predetermined destinations and are only temporarily housed in your warehouse.



Monitoring Freight Transfer

Keep an eye on how goods are transferred at your stations. You may also need to increase the number of trains to transport all the new goods. This process necessitates continual monitoring and adaptive adjustments based on your observations.



Gradual Expansion

Once you’re comfortable with these steps, you can gradually expand your rail network by adding more stations, rail lines, hotels, and warehouses as necessary. With each addition, consider how it will impact your existing network and make adjustments accordingly.


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