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Railway Empire 2: How to Set Priority Goods

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In Railway Empire 2, managing your railway successfully involves not only creating efficient routes but also ensuring the right goods are transported. Here’s a quick guide on how to set priority goods & effectively manage your railway network.



Creating a Rail Line

Begin by creating a rail line between two stations. The selection of stations and the type of locomotive can be determined based on your game strategy and current needs.



Managing Goods at Stations

On the left-hand side of the screen, select your station and click ‘edit station’. This allows you to assign priorities (‘high’, ‘ignore’, or ‘regular’) to different goods.


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For example, if a station is producing too much grain that is taking up valuable space, you can set this to ‘ignore’. Conversely, if corn is in high demand, you can set the corn as a ‘high’ priority.



Controlling Amounts

You also have the ability to control the quantity of a particular good being transported. This feature can be useful if you want to stock up a specific city with a particular commodity.



Blocking Goods

From the same station management menu, you can also block certain goods from being transported back. This can help manage unwanted traffic and ensure that only the goods that are necessary are being moved.



Loading and Unloading

Your train’s loading and unloading mechanisms can be managed as well. Each train can carry a maximum of 8 cars, and each of these cars can be reserved for a specific good.


The goods that a train is carrying when it arrives at a station are determined by your loading preferences. If you want to change what the train carries when it departs, you’ll need to unload certain goods and then load new ones.




Goods will only travel with a train if the train’s route includes their destination. So, you can only set goods to unload at a station if that station is a potential destination for those goods.


  • The train will not load a commodity unless it’s available at the starting station and needed at the destination station.


  • The train will not wait for unavailable goods. If you want to guarantee the transport of a specific minimum load of goods, you must define that minimum load.


  • Remember, managing your railway efficiently involves balancing all these elements. Setting priority goods, blocking unnecessary materials, controlling quantities, and managing loading/unloading mechanisms can all contribute to a more successful railway empire.


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