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Railway Empire 2: How to Enable Cities to Grow Over 100,000 Citizens

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Understand the Dynamics of City Growth

The first step to enabling city growth in Railway Empire 2 is understanding its mechanics. City growth in this game is fundamentally tied to city fulfillment. The growth process starts when a city’s fulfillment exceeds 60%. However, to stimulate growth at an optimized rate, aim for a fulfillment of 70% or higher.



Construct a Library and Upgrade it to a University

The first major milestone in growing a city in Railway Empire 2 is building a library. The library aids in increasing city fulfillment, which in turn, promotes city growth. But, a library alone only allows your city to grow up to 100,000 citizens.


Once your city hits the 100,000 citizen cap, an icon resembling a green arrow with a hat (“->|”) will appear. This symbol is an indication that your city needs a University to continue growing. Before proceeding, you should remove any structures that may impede growth beyond 100,000, like an immigration center, library, or museum.


To enable further growth, upgrade your library to a University. You can do this by accessing the building construction menu, selecting ‘City Buildings’, and then choosing ‘University’. Building a University acts as an upgrade to your library, allowing your city to exceed the 100,000 citizen limit.



Regularly Monitor City Growth

After setting up a University, your city has the potential to expand beyond 100,000 citizens. It’s essential to regularly check on your city’s growth to ensure it’s progressing as intended. In fact, consider constructing a University before your city population even reaches the 100,000 limit to maintain continuous growth.


You can replicate these steps across multiple cities within your network. If you’re aiming to achieve the secondary task of nurturing three cities with populations exceeding 120,000, simply replicate these steps in each targeted city.


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