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A Beginner’s Guide to Supply Management in Railway Empire 2

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Operating a rail network in Railway Empire 2 goes far beyond simply setting tracks and scheduling trains. A key facet that significantly impacts the overall efficiency and success of your rail empire is effective supply and maintenance management.



Finding Key Buildings

First, you have to locate these key buildings. Start by clicking on the home symbol at the top-right of your game screen. From there, select the station building. In this menu, you can choose a supply tower or a maintenance post.



Supply Towers

Supply towers are crucial to your railway system. Trains need water, sand, and oil to function correctly. That’s where supply towers come in. When a train passes a tower, it stops for a bit to refill these supplies.


Make sure every train on your tracks can reach a supply tower. Put these towers along your tracks so that all trains can refill when needed. In the building mode, you’ll see supply towers as a white circle.


But remember, you can’t place supply towers inside tunnels or beside bridges.



Maintenance Posts

After your trains have been running a while, you might see more breakdowns on some parts of your tracks. To handle this, you might want to place maintenance posts along your tracks.


Maintenance posts help reduce breakdowns in the nearby area, making your railway system run more smoothly. To get the most out of a maintenance post, click the building and turn up the maintenance level.


In the building mode, maintenance posts appear as a white triangle. But keep in mind, these posts cost money every day, so only place them where your railway lines need extra support.


Success in Railway Empire 2 comes down to managing your supplies well. Place your supply towers and maintenance posts wisely to keep your trains running smoothly and efficiently.


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