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Railway Empire 2: Banking and Share Market

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Understanding Shares

Railway companies in Railway Empire 2 are public entities that have secured their capital from shareholders. Shares are traded in increments of 1%, with the price of each share representing 1% of the company’s total value. However, a company is not allowed to purchase its own shares; it can only buy shares from its competitors.



Trading Shares

As a player, you can buy and sell shares, aiming to make profits from the fluctuations in share prices. This introduces an element of strategic planning, as buying low and selling high can yield significant profits.



Company Takeovers

If you manage to acquire 100% of a competitor’s shares in Railway Empire 2, you effectively gain control over their company. You can either let the company continue to run independently without further expansion or choose to integrate it into your own company.




After a merger, options include completely liquidating the acquired company, dissolving its train lines, or integrating all its assets into your company. Such actions can provide various benefits depending on the circumstances, so careful strategic decisions must be made.



Game Over

Be cautious! If a competitor succeeds in acquiring 100% of your company’s shares, your game ends. To avoid this, you can disable mergers before the game starts.



Regional Economy & Stock Market

The stock market reflects the regional economy where your company is established. It is divided into four distinct branches: raw materials, construction industry, industrial production & transport. The share price of a specific branch increases when its performance surpasses the expectations of the financial community.



Company Bonds

To quickly raise capital, companies can issue bonds, which typically come in various types with differing interest rates and maturities. Remember, interest is payable quarterly, and the full bond amount must be repaid at the end of its term, even if it pushes your cash balance into the negative.



Limitations on Issuing Bonds

You can only issue a maximum of three bonds. If your bonds’ total value exceeds 10% of your company’s value in Railway Empire 2, you won’t be able to issue any more bonds.


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