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Railway Empire 2: How to Repair and Maintain Trains


Each locomotive in Railway Empire 2 has unique maintenance intervals & consumption rates, which depend on the locomotive’s type. Getting familiar with these details is important as they shape your maintenance strategy.



Monitor Train Condition

Keep a close eye on the condition of your locomotives. The lower the condition, the more likely the train will break down and stop, disrupting your railway operations. When the condition drops to approximately 60%, it’s time to conduct maintenance.



Set up Maintenance Depots

To maintain and repair your locomotives, you need to establish maintenance depots at your stations. This is where the necessary repair work is conducted. To set up a maintenance depot, select a station, then select “construct extension“, and choose to build a maintenance depot from the options available. Remember, a maintenance depot benefits all train lines that use the station to which it is attached.



Ensure an Adequate Supply of Materials

Your locomotives need water, sand and oil to operate effectively. Water is needed daily, sand helps increase wheel friction when going uphill, and oil is necessary to lubricate moving parts. The amount of oil needed depends on the distance your train travels. Regularly check these levels to ensure your trains remain operational.



Build Supply Towers

You should build supply towers along your railway lines to equip your locomotives with the necessary operating materials. These supply towers should be strategically placed at a safe distance from switches and stations to prevent conflicts, yet close enough to ensure trains don’t run out of supplies. Choose your locations wisely.



Consider Maintenance Posts

For areas with high train traffic, consider constructing maintenance posts. While not mandatory, these structures can help reduce breakdowns and avoid traffic jams and conflicts. However, bear in mind that maintenance posts come with daily upkeep costs, so deploy them strategically.


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