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Railway Empire 2: How to Buy a Concession

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Building a successful railroad network is no small task, and a major key to achieving your goal lies in obtaining concessions. Concessions are essentially your golden tickets to build and grow in various regions of the game.



Spotting the Concession Areas

Concessions are available for purchase in areas of the game map that are marked with white shading. These regions should be your first consideration when looking to expand your operations.



Making the Purchase

Consider buying a concession when you plan to build tracks, erect buildings, or invest in a rural business or factory within a specific region. To buy a concession, click on the white shaded area.



Considering the Cost

The cost of a concession varies. It is determined by several factors, including the number of cities and rural businesses situated in the area and your level of progress in the game. Regardless of these factors, be prepared to spend a minimum of 150,000 on a concession.



Navigating Auctions

Your competitors have the ability to initiate auctions in areas where you currently do not hold a concession. In these situations, you can choose to participate in the bidding and potentially acquire the object in question. However, exercise caution: while you can buy rural businesses and factories in red shaded areas, construction is prohibited there.



Expanding Your Territory Through Mergers and Acquisitions

Don’t overlook the power of alliances. Merging with other companies in the game is a smart strategy to expand your territory. When you merge, you’ll also acquire all the concessions that the other company previously owned.



Cautionary Notes for Red Zones

While it’s technically possible to purchase rural businesses and factories in red shaded areas, it’s usually unwise to do so. The game rules, terrain, or presence of other businesses might prevent construction and limit the benefits you can reap from your investment.



Benefits of Investing in White Zones

White shaded areas are the ideal places for investment. Purchasing a concession in these zones not only grants you the right to that region but also the freedom to build and expand your empire within it.


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