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Railway Empire 2: How to Build Parallel Tracks and Set Directions

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Parallel tracks in Railway Empire 2 are your secret to a high-efficiency railway, allowing trains to zip past each other in different directions. Let’s walk through how to set these up.



Identify the Main Track Line

The first step in building parallel tracks is to identify the main track line where you want to create a parallel track. This could be areas with high traffic or where you think additional capacity could be beneficial.



Access the Track Construction Menu

Move your cursor to the upper right corner of the interface and click on the ‘Track Construction’ option.



Start a Regular Track

Inside the track construction menu, you’ll see an option for creating a regular track. Go ahead and select it.



Set Start and End Points

Alright, it’s time to pick your starting point for the new track. Choose a spot that’s clear of the existing track — no overlaps. Then, decide where your parallel track should meet back up with the main one and set your endpoint. You’ll know you’ve nailed it when a connection symbol pops up.



Overcome Potential Obstructions

At times, you might encounter obstructions or terrain elevation issues that prevent you from creating the parallel track. If this happens, adjust your points’ positioning until you find a route that’s clear of obstructions.



Begin Construction

Once you’ve linked the parallel track and ensured that it’s free of obstructions, it’s time to start building. Click on the ‘Build’ button to begin constructing your parallel track.



Define the Direction of the Tracks

After successfully building your parallel track, you’ll need to define the direction for each track. This step is crucial as it allows trains to run in different directions simultaneously on the parallel tracks, thereby maximizing efficiency.



Add Parallel Tracks to Existing Tracks

One cool thing about Railway Empire 2 is that you can add a parallel track to a track that’s already complete. If there’s still room on the tracks at the start and destination stations, an icon with two golden tracks will show up in the construction menu. Click it to lay down your parallel track right away. You can also place parallel tracks manually during the planning stage — just set track points next to existing tracks. When your track’s running parallel, a special icon will pop up.


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