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Railway Empire 2: Guide to Personnel and Tasks

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In Railway Empire 2, instead of managing each individual employee, you allocate funds to various work areas. These expenditures affect two main parameters: the Quality of Work and the Filled Jobs.


Quality of Work: This parameter is influenced by expenditures on ‘Working Time’ and ‘Training’. Investing more money in these areas enhances the output quality.


Filled Jobs: This parameter is determined by funds allocated to ‘Salaries’, ‘Employee Welfare’, and ‘Recruitment’. This parameter indicates how many jobs in the company can be filled.


The combination of these two parameters dictates the efficiency of a work area. The more you invest, the higher the efficiency, which subsequently affects your company’s performance in specific work areas:


Engineers: The efficiency of the engineers correlates with the maintenance needs of the locomotives. For each train in service, you need 3 engineers.


Heaters: They influence the maximum speed of locomotives. You need 3 heaters per train in operation.


Conductors: They influence the popularity of your trains and thus the ticket price. You need 4 conductors per train that could carry passengers.


Security Personnel: Efficient security personnel can boost revenue from mail and freight services. For each train with freight-carrying capacity, you need 5 security guards.


Keep in mind that these numbers are based on an 8-hour work day. However, because transportation is a 24-hour business, the number of positions that need to be filled can be affected by the work schedule.


Every 100 days, you have the option to pay your staff a bonus equivalent to roughly one month’s salary. This immediately raises the employee welfare by 10%.




In the scenarios and campaigns mode, all tasks are displayed in the Task List. Each task has a date, and if you miss it, the game ends. The faster you complete a task -> the more points you earn. These points are calculated based on the required and actual time taken to complete the task.


In the custom game mode, there’s an option to disable the task list before starting. If you choose not to disable it, the game will generate optional random tasks.


At the end of a game, your score is displayed. The more points you accumulate -> the higher your rank will be. In custom game and scenario mode, you can continue playing after this point. However, in campaign mode, you cannot continue playing after scoring due to certain game situations.


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