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Prison Simulator – Beginner’s Guide: Tips & Tricks

Prison Simulator - Beginner's Guide: Tips & Tricks

Prison Simulator is a first-person action game that can be subdivided into multiple sections. Firstly there is the day-to-day life of a prison guard, interacting with the prisoners and making sure that they don’t overstep the line with yourself or their fellow inmates. Secondly, there are so-called ‘routines.’ These are more like minigames that must be completed to keep things running smoothly and include tasks such as cleaning your weapon and checking inbound parcels for contraband. Finally, there is the emergency situation. What would you do in a crisis? With no order and no backup, can you fight off rioting prisoners and restore some sense of peace?


In this game, you can choose to be law-abiding or corrupt and self-profiting. In every situation, you have choices. You can be forgiving or unnecessarily cruel to convicts. Every character has distinct personality traits that influence how they respond to certain situations.



Tips & Tricks: Learn How to Progress Quickly

  • Take up the role of a prison guard as you navigate the daily activities of a jail. It’s up to you to strike a balance between pleasing the boss and dealing with the hostile and dangerous inmates in your care.


  • Pepper spray and stun guns have limited use. The stun gun will be charged the next day. Pepper spray should be bought every time it is used in its entirety.


  • Go to the warden’s (your boss’) room and use his computer to buy better tools, weapons, and prison upgrades. You can also change the skins.


  • When you talk to some prisoners or guards a few times, you can hear exceptionally interesting gossip, depending on where you are.


  • When you reach the appropriate level, remember to purchase skills. Many of them will help you with your work.


  • You can increase your strength by playing basketball.


  • More prisoners will be able to work if additional stands are purchased for the workshop. That also means more money.


  •  Here are some ways to gain the respect of prisoners; And remember, Respect is everything!


1) You can gift them with contraband after unlocking trade. Some prisoners will have a “$” above their head, and you can either sell contraband for money or give it for respect.


2) By purchasing items from the store.


  • Try not to deal with prisoners when guards are nearby. They can get the wrong impression.


  • In case of a riot, you will find all the equipment you need on the shooting range, locked behind solid bars. But apart from that Incident, you can’t use It every day!


  • There can only be one prisoner in solitary confinement. It can be made available under special circumstances.


  • If there are beds available, injured prisoners are taken to the medical room. They will be taken to their cell if they do not comply.


  • As you conduct modest jobs for the criminals while trying to placate jail officials, keep your job and morale in check. It’s your responsibility to keep a neutral attitude because announcing one side as yours will swiftly bring the other down on you.


  • Using a walkie-talkie to assign a penalty without evidence will have a negative impact on your reputation.


  • Accepting new convicts, searching cells, and locating contraband are just a few of your responsibilities. As you go about your duties, you’ll see that the inmates also want certain items disregarded. As you complete your projects and get closer to a well-deserved promotion, choose between bribery and payroll.


  • Although this game burdens fans with chores and a timer, it also provides players with unlimited freedom. You can make friends with inmates or coworkers, but keep in mind that your actions will impact the relationships you have with everyone else.


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  • Start as a rookie and work your way up to the senior officer and beyond.


  • To get additional money for more renovations, purchase upgrades for the Prison.


  • Shifts become significantly easier with skill improvements.


  • The daily schedule is broken up by break periods to earn money or improve your stats.


  • Shooting range, basketball, darts, weights, and skull cracking are just a few of the activities available.


  • The gameplay is completely unique and quite entertaining.


  • The game’s design is quite ingenious.


  • You want to keep reading because the story is so compelling.


  • There are missions to complete, such as escorting the prisoners to their places of employment or maintaining control over their cells. It’s up to you whether or not you keep the unlawful items you find in their cells for yourself.


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