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NBA 2K24: How to Get an A+ Teammate Grade in MyCAREER Mode

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Alright, alright, alright! Let’s shift gears, buckle down, and tackle this beast. Y’all are here because you want to be the crème de la crème in NBA 2K24 MyCAREER mode. You’re tired of being just a benchwarmer, ain’t you? You’re looking to become the top dog, the GOAT, the main squeeze in the game. And you want to do that by clinching an A+ teammate grade every single time, huh?


Well, don’t you worry, cuz I’m about to drop some knowledge bombs that’ll turn you from a rook to an All-Star quicker than a James Harden step-back three. We’re about to go deep, so grab your Gatorade and lace up, cuz it’s game time, baby!



1. Sharing is Caring, Bro

Remember, ball-hogging ain’t cool. Sure, you may have the moves like Iverson, but even AI knew when to dish the rock. Share that spalding, spread the love, and watch your grade skyrocket. No one likes a ball hog, and the game sure as heck ain’t gonna reward you for it.



2. Defense Wins Championships (and A+ Grades)

You think The Glove got his nickname by letting folks stroll past him? Nah, Gary Payton locked down his man like Fort Knox. Steals, blocks, good defensive position – these things don’t just win games, they crank up your teammate grade. So channel your inner Bill Russell and shut down that paint!



3. All About the B-Ball IQ

Your brain is as crucial as your handle. Exploit mismatches, make smart cuts, set solid screens. The game’s watching and will reward you for playing smart and making the right moves. This ain’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. Slow down, read the game, and make the right play.



4. Pick and Roll, Baby!

Stockton and Malone, CP3 and Blake Griffin, Curry and Draymond Green – what do these duos have in common? They mastered the pick and roll. Learn to use this bread-and-butter play effectively, and you’ll see your teammate grade go up faster than a Zion Williamson dunk.



5. Buckets in the Post

They say post play is dead – I say they’re wrong. The post play is a goldmine of points and a great way to boost your grade. Footwork, drop steps, up-and-unders – learn these moves and make your defender look like a chump while you’re racking up points and grade boosts.



6. Run the Show

You’ve gotta be the floor general, the maestro, the LeBron of your team. Use that D-Pad to command your troops. Call for screens, set up plays, get your teammates involved. The more you control the flow, the higher your grade.



7. Showtime with Showboating

Flashy is your middle name! Pulling off a flashy pass at the right moment or throwing down a killer windmill dunk can skyrocket both your fans and your teammate grade. But be careful – timing is everything. Misjudge a flashy pass, and it could be a costly turnover.



8. Bring the Thunder with Alley-Oops

Nothing gets the crowd going like a perfectly timed alley-oop. But remember, it’s about timing and understanding your teammate’s position. Do it right, and you’re not just boosting your grade; you’re creating highlight reels.



9. Crash Those Passing Lanes

As your coach might say, “defense leads to offense”. Intercepting a pass is not only rewarding but it’s a sure-fire way to improve your grade. So, get into those passing lanes and turn the defense into a quick offense.



10. Don’t Shy Away from Those Loose Balls

In NBA 2K24, every hustle counts. Diving for loose balls and snagging them not only shows your commitment to the team but also earns you brownie points in the grading system. So next time, when that rock is bouncing free, don’t just stand there; hit the deck and get after it!



11. Crash Boards Like Rodman

Dennis Rodman, the ‘Worm’, wasn’t a scoring machine, but he owned the glass like nobody’s business. Rebounding is crucial, both offensively and defensively. Snagging boards gets you closer to that A+ grade. So make Rodman proud, time those jumps right, and outrebound your opponents.



12. Don’t Ignore the Transition Game

Fast breaks can be your best friend when played right. If you get a steal or secure a defensive rebound, look to push the tempo. Running in transition can result in easy buckets for you or your teammates. Plus, successful transition plays will give your grade a nice little bump.



13. It’s Not All About Scoring

Your teammate grade isn’t only about how many points you put up. Setting screens, making the extra pass, boxing out for rebounds, all contribute to your overall grade. Remember, you’re a part of a team. Do what’s best for the squad, and your grade will reflect your efforts.


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