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How to Draw More Fouls in NBA 2K24


Ayo, ballers! Looking to finesse the art of drawing fouls in NBA 2K24? We gotchu! Drawing fouls is a super clutch skill in the game, especially when you’re tryna get those freebies at the line. Let’s dive in deep, and by the time you’re done with this guide, you’ll be living at the charity stripe!



Seek and Ye Shall Find (Contact!)

Look, if you ain’t aggressive in the paint, you ain’t getting the call. It’s all about that contact, fam. When you drive, make sure to really drive. But remember; there’s a difference between being aggressive and being reckless. Don’t just be chucking up prayers among a sea of defenders; instead, focus on those situations where the defender’s off-balance, or out of position. And when you see that lane? Attack!



Pump Fake is Your Bestie

When you’re in the paint, that pump fake (tapping X or square) is like the secret sauce. Opponents see that move and they’ll bite, especially if they’re jumpy. Once they’re airborne, you’ve got them right where you want. Rise up and let ‘em crash into you. It’s easy buckets, and if you’re lucky, an “and 1” situation!



Diversify Your Finishing Moves

Yo, you can’t be predictable in the paint. If defenders know your every move, they won’t bite. Mix it up with spin gathers (hold RT or R2 + double tap X or square) and hop steps. The trick? After the move, use a quick pump fake. Watch ‘em jump, then take your shot. They won’t even know what hit ’em.



Boost Those Attributes

If you’re balling with a player under 6’9″, focus on beefing up the Driving Dunk and Driving Layup attributes. For the giants (6’10” and up), it’s all about that Standing Dunk attribute. Gotta spend that VC right, ya know?



Badge Up!

If you ain’t equipping the right badges, you’re playing yourself. Here’s the heat you gotta rock with:


  • Acrobat Badge: This badge ain’t just for making crazy layups. It’ll help you draw contact and get the whistle.


  • Fearless Finisher Badge: It’s in the name. You’re fearless, and you’ll get those foul calls when finishing strong.


  • Dream Shake Badge: A little old-school flavor. Shake ‘em up, get ‘em off-balance, and watch as they foul you out of sheer desperation



Switch Hands Layup: The Finesse Move

Ever get caught in a sticky situation, thinking you’re about to get sent by a defender? Try the switch hands layup. Whether you repeatedly tap the shot button or go ham on the right stick, this move will help you change your shot mid-air. You might just get that foul call, especially with the Acrobat badge on.


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