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NBA 2K24: How to Do a Floater

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What’s the Floater?

First off, let’s get it straight what we mean by a ‘floater.’ No, we ain’t talking about that thing in your eye. In hoops lingo, a floater is that sweet shot you pull when you’re playing footsie with the key, but ain’t quite ready to kiss the rim. You’re making a beeline for the basket, and instead of going in for the layup or flexin’ with a dunk, you let that ball sail up soft and light, just watch it float right into the net.


Floaters are the keys to the kingdom ’cause they’re near impossible to block. You’re on the move, defying gravity, making it tough for defenders to time their leap and swat your shot. But listen, to nail it, you gotta have that magic touch and spot-on timing.



Prepping to Fly:

Before you get into the groove, you gotta know your player’s stats. Are they more of a Steph Curry or Shaq? Knowing your player’s skills, like their layup ratings, shooting, and agility, is a must. Remember, a center ain’t gonna float it like a point guard would, aight?



Let’s Get in Motion:

The main sauce of nailing a dope floater is being in motion. Start sprinting toward the basket using that turbo button (R2 for PS5 and RT for Xbox Series X/S). Aim towards the hoop with your left stick. You gotta be on the move, fam. No plant-and-shoot here, we’re talkin’ fluid, seamless movement.



Launching the Floater:

Once you’re in the sweet spot – not too close, not too far, just teasing the key, you gotta let that ball fly. But here’s the key, you gotta let go of that turbo button. While still in motion, pull the right stick down. This gets your player to launch that high-arcing, unblockable floater.



Perfecting the Timing:

The floater is all about finesse and rhythm. Get used to the animation, learn your player’s rhythm, and release at the top of your jump. You see the shot meter filling up? That’s your cue.



Practice Makes Perfect:

You ain’t gonna become a floater expert just by reading this – you gotta hit the courts and put in the work. Use the practice mode in 2K24 to your advantage. Experiment with different players and situations until you’ve got the floater down to an art.



Flexin’ in the Game:

Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s time to show off in the game. Use it when the paint is crowded or when you got a big defender blocking your path to the hoop. Leave ’em in the dust with your sweet, unblockable floater.


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