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How to Perform Spin Layups and Spin Dunks in NBA 2K24

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Spin Moves: What Are We Talking About?

Just in case there’s any confusion, a spin layup and a spin dunk are when your player drives to the basket, executes a smooth spin move, and then goes up for either a layup or a dunk. They’re not just effective; they’re flat-out nasty. They’re the kind of moves that make your defender look like they’re stuck in quicksand.



How to Spin Layup in NBA 2K24

  • Drive Towards the Basket: Your first goal is to close the gap between you and the hoop. So start driving towards the basket with purpose, shaking off any defenders in your path. Don’t rush it though, timing is everything.


  • Initiate the Spin: Now comes the first tricky part. While keeping your finger firmly pressed on the RT/R2 (if you’re on Xbox One Series X|S or PS4 & PS5), double-tap X or Square, respectively. This will start the spinning animation. Make sure your double tap is quick, like a one-two punch. If you leave too much of a pause, your character might end up doing a hop step instead.


  • Execute the Layup: As you’re coming out of the spin, let go of the R2/RT button and immediately hold down X or Square. This will trigger the layup animation. Remember, you gotta release R2/RT right after the spin is finished.



How to Spin Dunk in NBA 2K24

  • Drive Towards the Basket: Same as before, you want to head towards the basket like you mean business.


  • Initiate the Spin: This part’s identical to the layup – keep RT/R2 held down, and double-tap X or Square. Be swift with it to ensure a smooth spin.


  • Execute the Dunk: Here’s where the paths diverge. For the dunk, you’re going to want to keep holding down RT/R2 after the spin. While maintaining the grip, hold down X or Square to trigger the dunking animation. But remember, you gotta be in close proximity to the basket for the dunk animation to kick in. Otherwise, your character will default to a layup.


A couple of key tips to keep in mind here:


  • Remember the Role of RT/R2: Don’t sleep on the importance of RT/R2. Holding it during the spin is crucial. If you don’t, instead of a stylish spin, you’ll end up doing a Euro Step.


  • Timing is Everything: The only real difference between a dunk and a layup in NBA 2K24 is when you release the R2/RT button. For a layup, you release it after the spin; for a dunk, you keep holding it. Practice this until it becomes second nature. You need these timings to be engraved into your muscle memory.


  • Don’t Neglect Practice: Sure, nailing these moves might seem tough at first, but with consistent practice, it’ll become a walk in the park. I’d recommend spending at least an hour in the practice court every day. Before you know it, you’ll be spinning and dunking with the best of ’em.


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