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NBA 2K24: Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S Controls Guide

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Alright, Xbox crew, y’all ready to heat up the hardwood in NBA 2K24? We’re about to drop the most fire controls guide for all you hoopsters on Xbox One and the next-gen Xbox Series X & S.


We’re about to dish out every control you’ll need to weave magic on the court. We’re talkin’ about dishing out laser passes that thread the eye of a needle, slamming down dunks that rattle the rim, and serving up some smothering D that’ll have the competition cryin’ for a timeout.



Passing Controls

Regular Pass (A): Standard but solid, pass the ball to your open mate or get outta a jam.


Bounce Pass (B): Keep it smooth and low, especially handy when you’re threading the needle in a crowd.


Lob Pass (Y): Perfect for those over-the-top scenarios, getting the ball over defenders and right into your teammate’s mitts.


Skip Pass (Hold A): Got a pal wide open on the other side of the court? Don’t stress, hit ’em up with a skip pass.


Fake Pass (Y + B): Fake out the defense with a faux pass. Do it standing or driving to really sell the con.


Jump Pass (X + A): Catch defenders off-guard with a surprise jump pass. High risk, high reward.


Icon Pass (Press LB, then the icon button of the receiver): Got a specific teammate you want to hit? Use the Icon Pass for precision targeting.


Flashy Pass (Double tap B): When it’s time to show off and earn those style points, bust out a flashy pass.


Alley-oop (Double tap Y): Ready to serve up some eye candy? Spot a teammate cutting to the rim? Serve ’em up a sweet alley-oop.


Alley-oop to Self (Double tap Y + move LS towards the hoop): Feeling bold? Toss the ball up and throw down a self alley-oop.


Lead to Basket Pass (Hold Y): Command a teammate to cut to the hoop, then release to pass the ball at the perfect moment.


Handoff Pass (Hold B): Got a teammate coming up? Block your defender and handoff the ball for a quick one-two.


Touch Pass (Press A before first receiver gets the ball): Quick thinking and rapid ball movement in action. Hit A before your guy gets the ball and he’ll instantly pass it on.


Pro Stick Pass (Hold RB + move RS in desired direction): Use the Pro Stick for some slick pass control, especially when you need to find that open player ASAP.


Give and Go (Hold A): Classic basketball strategy. Pass the rock, cut to the hoop, and get it right back for a layup.


Rolling Inbound (Y during baseline inbounds): Mix up your inbounding game with a rolling pass when you’re on the baseline.



Dribbling Controls

Signature Size-up (Hold RS up): Time to show your mad skills with your player’s signature size-up.


Signature Park Size-up (Tap LT repeatedly): Break out some streetball style with a park size-up to keep your defender guessing.


In and Out (Move RS right then release quickly): A speedy move to create some breathing room for a shot or drive.


Hesitation (Move RS right then release quickly): Keep your defender on their toes with a quick hesitation.


Hesitation Escape (Hold RS right): Great for when you’re dribbling with the right hand and need to dash past your defender.


Crossover (Move RS up left then release quickly): Leave your defender in the dust with a fast crossover.


Crossover Escape (Hold RS up left): Got a defender getting too cozy? Give ’em the slip with a crossover escape.


Between Legs Cross (Move RS left then release quickly): Add a sprinkle of showmanship to your game with a between the legs crossover.


Behind the Back (Move RS down left then release quickly): Shake off close defense and open up the lane with this slick move.


Momentum Behind the Back (RT + Move RS down left then release quickly): Use your momentum with a quick behind the back move.


Stepback (Move RS down then release quickly): Create some space for a jump shot with a smooth stepback.


Momentum Stepback (RT + Move RS down then release quickly): On the move? Pull off a stepback to leave your defender scrambling.


Spin (Rotate RS clockwise then release quickly): Throw your defender off balance with a quick spin.


Hard Stop / Stutter (Tap LT): Change your pace to keep your defender guessing.


Hold Off Defenders (Hold LT): Shield the ball from defenders as you set up your next killer move.


Double Throws & Switchbacks (Flick Pro Stick in a direction then back): Show off your dribbling prowess and keep defenders on their toes with these advanced moves.



Shooting Controls

Jump Shot (Hold and release X or hold RS up): Standard jump shot. This is how you make it rain. Timing is key.


Bank Shot (Hold X or RS towards hoop then release): Use the backboard to sink your shot. Timmy D would be impressed.


Free Throw (Hold and release X or hold and release RS): The purest form of shooting. Relax, aim, and let it fly.


2-PT/3-PT Shooting (Hold B): Step back for a trey or step in for a deuce. Know your players, know your range.


Dunk (Hold RT + X or Hold RT + RS towards hoop): When it’s showtime, throw down a thunderous dunk. Nothing fires up the crowd like a monster jam!


Layup (Move and hold RS in any direction away from hoop): Quick and effective, layups are your go-to near the rim.


Runner/Floater (Move and hold RS away from hoop while driving close): Over a shot-blocker? Try a runner or floater to beat ’em.


Hop Gather (Tap X or move RS left or right then quickly release): Hop into your shot or drive to shake off defenders.


Euro Step Layup (Double tap X while holding LS towards the hoop): Channel your inner Ginobili with a fancy Euro Step layup.


Cradle Layup (Double tap X while holding LS away from hoop): Protect the ball on your way to the rim with a cradle layup.


2-Hand Dunk (RT + Hold RS up): Show off your power with a two-hand jam.


Flashy Dunk (RT + Hold RS down): Get flashy with a style dunk. ‘Cause style counts!


Dominant or Off-Hand Dunk (RT + Hold RS left or right): Dunk with your dominant or off-hand to keep defenders on their toes.


Mid-Air Change Shot (X then X again while in the air): Throw the defense off with a mid-air shot change.


Pump Fake (Start a jump shot, then quickly release X): Draw the defense with a well-timed pump fake.


Step Through (Pump fake, then press X again before pump fake ends): Use your pump fake to get your defender off the ground, then step through for an easy bucket.



Defense Controls

Take Charge (Hold B): Stand your ground and take a charge to change the game.


Block/Rebound (Y): Own the rim or grab the rebound, all with the same button.


Steal (X): See a chance to snatch the ball? Go for it.


Intense-D (Hold LT): Get all up in your opponent’s face with some hardcore D.


Crowd Dribbler (Hold LT + RT): Keep the pressure on by crowding the dribbler.


Fast Shuffle (Hold LT + RT, then move LS in any direction): Stay in front of your man with a quick shuffle.


Hands Up Defense (Move and hold RS in any direction): Challenge shots without fouling by keeping your hands up.


Shot Contest (Move RS up then quickly release): Disrupt their shot by getting a hand in their face.


Swat Block (Hold RT + press Y): Go big with a swat block, just make sure not to foul!


Take Charge/Flop (Double tap B): Feeling brave? Take a charge or go for a flop.


Onball Steal (Press X when near dribbler): Go for the ball directly from the handler with an on-ball steal.


Bump (Hold LT when near the dribbler): Don’t let them get comfy – use a bump to mess with the offensive player’s flow.


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