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How to Get Every REBOUND in NBA 2K24

How to Get Every REBOUND in NBA 2K24

So you’re tired of watching those boards bounce away from you, huh? Let’s dive deep into the world of rebounds and snatch them all. If you’re trying to be the GOAT on the boards in 2K24, I gotchu -> let’s break it down!!



Know Your Player

Before anything else, you gotta understand who you’re playing with. Different archetypes have different strengths. You think a pure sharp is gonna be snagging boards over a 7’3” glass cleaner? C’mon now!


  • Archetypes Matter: Go for builds known for their rebounding prowess. Glass Cleaner, Paint Beasts, etc.


  • Badges are Key: Max out those rebounding badges. ‘Rebound Chaser’ and ‘Box’ are must-haves.



Positioning is Key

  • Box Out – First and foremost, ya gotta learn the art of the box out. Hold that L2 (LT for Xbox) when the shot goes up, and push that opponent outta the way. No one’s snatching a rebound over you if you’ve got ’em boxed out right.


  • Pre-shot: Don’t just stand around waiting for the shot. Start positioning yourself where you think the ball’s gonna land. Anticipate.



Read the Shooter

  • Shot Type: A layup’s gonna have a short rebound, a deep three might have a longer one. Peep where the shot’s coming from.


  • Shooter’s Form: If they have a good release, chances are the rebound is going straight. If it’s off, it might bounce to the side.



Use that Right Stick

  • Once you’re in position, using the right stick will allow you to reach in specific directions for the board. Don’t just spam jump.



Stay On The Move

  • Stay Active: Keep those feet moving. Don’t be a statue out there.


  • Change Direction: If you’re boxed out, use the left stick and sprint to try and worm your way around your opponent.



Badges, Badges and More Badges

I can’t stress this enough. Badges like:


  • Rebound Chaser: Helps you track the ball mid-air and get those boards.


  • Worm: Allows you to navigate through boxouts more effectively.


  • Box: Improves your ability to box out opponents.


Remember, badges level up your game -> it’s like adding hot sauce to your favorite dish.



Team Communication

  • If you’re running with a squad, make sure y’all communicate. Let your teammates know if you’re going for the board or if you need them to cover for you.



Anticipate Misses

  • Fam, if you see someone with a cold ring or someone forcing a bad shot, chances are it might be off. Prep for that board.



Play Smart, Not Hard

  • It ain’t always about jumping. Sometimes, holding your position and letting the ball come to you is the move.


  • Watch for long rebounds: Especially with those deep threes. Position yourself a bit farther from the hoop.



Watch and Learn & Stay Updated

  • Study the Greats – Watch games, streams, or YouTube tutorials of the best 2K players -> look at how they position themselves and how they react to different situations.


  • Review Your Games – It ain’t just for streamers. Review your gameplay and look for moments where you could’ve grabbed a board but didn’t. Learn from those moments.


  • 2K is always tweaking the game. Stay updated with patches. Maybe they buffed or nerfed rebounding mechanics. Stay woke…


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