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How Do You Get Easy Steals in NBA 2K24

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Hey ballers, what’s good? Y’all ready to flip the script in NBA 2K24? We’re about to drop some serious dimes on how to step up your steal game, no cap.


Look, everybody loves the flash – raining buckets from downtown, breakin’ ankles, throwin’ down monster jams – but if you’re ready to dominate the court, you’ve got to put in work on the defensive end. You gotta rock it like Gary ‘The Glove’ Payton in his prime or be quick on the draw like Chris Paul.


So if you’re ready to easily steal the ball like taking candy from a baby, let’s get this show on the road.



1. Control is Key

First thing’s first, you gotta have the basics down pat. If you’re rocking the PlayStation, your go-to’s gonna be the square button or the right stick. Xbox ballers, you’re gonna be dealing with the X button or the right stick. Now here’s the lowdown – it ain’t about which way you flick the stick. The game’s got the reins on this one. Left, right, down – doesn’t matter, your player’s gonna reach out to intercept regardless.


Don’t matter if you’re gunning for a passing lane steal or going head-to-head for an on-ball steal, it’s all the same. You’re just gonna reach out for that orange, and the game’s gonna decide which paw you use. So, chillax on the direction – it’s all in the game.



2. Swipe It Like You Mean It

Hold up, though, there’s a little cheat code to this thing. When you flick the right stick down, you’re gonna get a unique animation – the swipe-down steal. This move’s prime when you’re all up in your opponent’s face, ready to take that ball right out of his hands.


This sweet move is perfect for those close contact steals and even better when you’re stripping layups or dunks. So next time you’re about to get all up close and personal, remember to swipe down – works like a charm, trust me.



3. Catch ’em Napping

Ready to get crafty? Watch for that inbound pass. The second your opponent catches it, you hit that square/X button like it owes you money. Got it? Good. They’ll be left staring while you strut to the hoop with the ball.



4. Play it Cool

But don’t get too trigger happy with the steal button. The refs ain’t messing around this year – they’re whistle-happy. You gotta be sly, play it smart. No use getting a steal if you’re gonna get called for the foul.


For the on-ball steal, keep a tight hold on L2/LT, then give the right stick a quick down-up flick. Timing’s everything here – get it right, and you’ll see that ball pop right out. So, keep your cool and watch for the right moment.



5. Call in the Cavalry

Getting a little one-on-one action ain’t bad, but sometimes, you need to spice it up. Get your opponent off their game by bringing in an extra defender. Just as they’re trying to switch up, hit that square/X button and bam! You’ve got yourself an easy steal.



6. All about the Stats

Finally, remember, it ain’t just about the moves, it’s about the player too. Check out your player’s steal ratings and badges. The higher the ratings and the better the badges, the slicker you’ll be on the court. It’s like adding secret sauce to your game.


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