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How to Change Shot Meter & Shot Timing in NBA 2K24

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Yo, squad! You tryna elevate that NBA 2K24 gameplay? First off, ya gotta get tight with those settings. But if that menu’s got you all twisted up like a pretzel, don’t sweat it, fam. I’m here to decode the madness for you. One thing at a time, and you’ll be dropping dimes in no time.



What’s Up with the Shot Meter?

The shot meter is your game’s wingman. When you’re gearing up to sink that shot, it’s right there, letting you know if you’re on fire or cold with your timing. Get it just right, and you’ll be splashing all day.



Accessing the Settings

Before we ball out, we gotta get to the settings, fam:


  • Fire up NBA 2K24.


  • Head over to MyCAREER Menu.


  • Navigate to Options.


  • Select Controller Settings. This is where the magic happens.



Shot Meter Settings: The Rundown

Here are the options you’re gonna see:


  • On: The meter will show up every time you take a shot.


  • Off: No meter, all you. This is for the OGs who’ve been balling for years. Some say turning off the shot meter gives you a jump shot boost, so if you’re feeling lucky, give it a shot.


  • Free Throws Only: Only gonna pop up when you’re at the line.


  • Shot Button Only: If you’re using the shot button (Square or X) to shoot, this is for you.


  • Pro Stick Only: For those who live and die by the Pro Stick.


You can also play around with different graphics for the Shot Meter:


  • Curved (Side/Mini)


  • Funnel (Over)


  • Straight Bar (Side/Mini)


  • V (Over)


  • Comet (High)


  • Tusk 1 (Under)


Head to MyCAREER Menu > MyPLAYER > Animations > Gameplay Effects to change up how your Shot Meter looks.



Adjusting the Shot Timing and Shot Timing Release Time

Now, let’s get to the juicy part:


From Controller Settings, look for the Shot Timing options:


  • Shots Only (most folks recommend this)


  • Layups Only


  • Real Player%


  • Shots and Layups


Now, for the Shot Timing Release Time:


  • Very Early


  • Very Late


  • Early


  • Late


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