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NBA 2K24 Affiliations: Comparing RISE and ELITE & How to Change

NBA 2K24 Affiliations: Which One Is the Best & How to Change

Sup, ballers? It’s time to break down one of the hottest features of NBA 2K24 – Affiliations. If you ain’t caught the memo yet, affiliations in The City are the real deal, shaping how you ball out and the perks you enjoy.



Evolution of Affiliations

Back in the day, we had four affiliations like Beasts of the Easts, South City Vipers, North Side Knights, and Western Wildcats. Some of y’all might even remember the OG trio: The Old Town Flyers, Sunset Beach Ballers, and Rivet City Rough Riders. But 2K24 ain’t playing the numbers game. Now, it’s all distilled into two major factions: RISE and ELITE.



Why Do Affiliations Even Matter?

Yo, choosing an affiliation ain’t just for show. Your pick plays a huge part in your gameplay, rewards, rep, and more. Just like way back in NBA 2K16, your choice can make or break your street cred. Each season, RISE and ELITE are gunning for the top spot, with the winning side and the MVPs copping some sweet rewards.



RISE vs ELITE: Which Side You On?

RISE: The Showstopper

You like fast breaks, alley-oops, and sick crossovers? RISE is where you belong.


  • Finishing Boost: This affiliation lets you earn a permanent boost to your finishing attributes. You’ll be dunking over defenders like it’s a walk in the park.


  • Playmaking Boost: Expect a permanent playmaking attribute boost. You’ll be dishing dimes and breaking ankles like it’s second nature.


  • Heat Check: If you’re on fire from downtown, you get rewarded with an extra gameplay boost.


  • Aesthetic: You’re playing on beautiful Atlantis-themed courts, even one underwater. If you’re into the flashy you can’t do better than this…



ELITE: The Clutch Master

If you’re the dude who wants the ball for the last shot, ELITE is your home.


  • Two-Way Tenacity: Make a big play on one end and earn yourself a boost for the next possession. For those who wanna be the next two-way superstar.


  • Defense Boost: A permanent boost to your defensive attributes? Sign me up. Say hello to your future DPOY (Defensive Player of the Year).


  • Shooting Boost: If you’re the sharpshooter of your squad, you’ll appreciate the permanent shooting attributes boost.


  • Aesthetic: Neon lights and courts that elevate. It’s sleek and stylish, perfect for those looking to dominate on both ends.



Repping Your Affiliation:

2K’s own Chris Manning is the face for ELITE, while Shake reps RISE. So, who you got? ELITE boasts neon lights and courts that’ll have you feeling like you’re on Cloud 9. But RISE? They’re out here with Atlantis-themed courts, including a killer underwater hoop spot. Talk about making a splash!


One thing’s for sure: rep is back! And in 2K24, grinding your rep is where the street cred’s at. Join an affiliation, start at rookie one rep level, and hustle your way to the top.



Badges and Gameplay in NBA 2K24:

Upgrading badges in NBA 2K24 is straight-up tied to how you ball. Ball out from the corner with the corner specialist badge and watch your badge level rise. But heads up! If you start slacking or switching up your style, that badge might just drop a level. So make sure you’re always playing to your strengths!!!


Streetball? Say Less! For those looking for more takeover perks, The City’s got you with Streetball side quests. Three courts, three unique bosses, and crowds that’ll either hype you up or boo you off. The stakes? Sky-high. The rewards? Even higher…


Switching Affiliations: Feelin’ a Change? If you’re having second thoughts about your crew, switching it up is easy. Head to the ‘Transfer Here’ sign at The City entrance, hit A (Xbox) or X (PlayStation), and throw in that transfer request.


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