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NBA 2K24: How Do I Do an Icon Pass

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The Icon Pass in NBA 2K24 is like an ace up your sleeve. It’s more than just tossing the ball around – it’s a craft, it’s precision, and it’s your ticket to break the defense like a boss. This isn’t your regular direction-based passing. This move gives you control, letting you put the ball exactly where you want it.



Speedin’ Up

Alright, remember, you gotta hold that R1/RB button down until your pass is complete. If you let go too soon, those player icons will disappear, and you ain’t passin’ to nobody. Speed is key here. Those icons don’t hang around for long, so make your decision fast. This takes practice and getting to know your squad.



Icon Lead Passing

Welcome to the big leagues. You’ve executed your icon pass with R1/RB and selected your player. But the game doesn’t end there. You gotta steer your player where to go next. Do this by nudging your left stick in any direction. For example, if you want your guy to fade towards the half-court line, you’re gonna push your left stick to the left.



Revolutionizing Your Offense

Icon passing isn’t a one-trick pony. It can completely revolutionize your offensive strategy. Picture this: your player is about to set a screen (also known as a ‘pin down’ in basketball terms). If you spot his defender going under, you can use an Icon Pass to make him stop, then take the shot. Didn’t make it? No sweat. You’ve just seen how Icon Passing can create new scoring opportunities.



Icon Lead Pass

You’ve mastered the basics of Icon Passing, but we’re not stopping there. Icon Lead Passing is where the real magic happens. It’s an advanced technique that lets you not only choose who to pass to but also control their movement.


Here’s how it works: After pressing R1/RB and selecting your player with the right button, immediately flick your left stick in any direction you want your player to move. For instance, if you’re hoping for Isaac to break left, press triangle and then nudge your left stick in that direction. Isaac will make that break, get open, and give you a fresh look at the basket.



Other Benefits and Considerations

Icon passing can also be a powerful defensive tool. Read the rotations, spot the double teams, and make your move. A well-timed Icon Pass can make the defense pay big time.


Keep in mind, Icon Passing isn’t always the quickest move. It requires you to spot the player before passing the ball, and it’s slightly slower compared to other passes like the bounce or fake pass. But when the defense is all over you, that’s when an Icon Pass can truly shine.


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