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How Do You Pump Fake in NBA 2K24?


Alright, gather ’round ballers! If y’all have been getting stuffed or just ain’t getting that open look in NBA 2K24, then it’s time to add some finesse to your game. We’re gonna dive deep into the art of the pump fake, and trust me, once you get the hang of it, you’ll have those virtual defenders biting like they’ve never seen a basketball before.



Breakin’ It Down: What’s a Pump Fake Anyway?

Before we hop into the 2K universe, let’s get the basics down. In the real world, a pump fake (also known as a shot fake) is when you act like you’re about to shoot, but sike! You don’t. Instead, you keep the ball grounded, making the defender think you’re taking the shot. If done right, they’ll jump or shift giving you that sweet, sweet lane to drive or pass.



Why Bother with the Pump Fake in 2K24?

I mean, why do anything? Because it works, fam! You wanna break ankles without even dribbling? This is your ticket. The pump fake can get defenders off balance, letting you drive past them for an easy layup or dunk. Or, if they’re really sleepin’, you can just pull up for a jumper while they’re out here lookin’ like they’re tryna swat a fly.



The Nitty-Gritty: How to Do the Pump Fake in NBA 2K24

Setting Up: First off, chill on that dribble. Dribbling is dope, but if you’re bouncing the rock, you’re limiting your pump fake potential. So, catch the ball and get ready.


The Magic Button: Got the ball? Bet. Now, on the PlayStation, you’re gonna wanna tap that square button. For Xbox, it’s the X button. Tap it, don’t hold!


Post-Pump Moves : After you’ve got that defender lookin’ silly, it’s time to capitalize. Drive to the hoop, dish it out for a three, or pull up for a jumper. The court is your oyster!



Pro Tips and Tricks

If the defender ain’t biting, switch it up. Maybe a jab step or a step back to reset. The game’s AI can be tricky, but they ain’t perfect. Make ’em play your game.


Don’t become Mr. Predictable. If you pump fake every time, they’ll catch on. Keep your moves varied and keep those defenders guessing.


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