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NBA 2K24 – How to Take a Charge

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Ayo, future Hall of Famers! Y’all ever face off against that one dude in the game, flexin’ like they’ve got cheat codes enabled, straight charging through like a bowling ball? If you’re trying to be that pin, I got you. NBA 2K24’s about to serve you that pro tip to toss that nonsense to the sidelines. Let’s unlock that real-world swagger of drawing charges and splash it onto our screens.



What’s Takin’ a Charge Anyway?

First off, let’s break it down for the newbies or those who’ve been snoozin’ on defense. Taking a charge means planting your feet, getting in the way of that aggressive ball handler, and lettin’ them run into you. Instead of them scoring easy buckets on you, you flip the script, making them commit an offensive foul. It’s like catching someone slippin’ and saying, “Gotcha!”



Making The Play:

PlayStation 4 and 5: Got someone making a beeline to the hoop? Press and HOLD that circle button. We’re talking commitment here.


Xbox One & Series X/S: Same move, different button. Press and HOLD the ‘B‘ button. It’s your turn to lay down the law.



Mastering the Craft:

  • Stay Sharp: It’s all about anticipation. Peep the player’s tendencies. Does he always drive left? Is he a predictable rim-runner? Know these things and use ’em to your advantage.


  • Avoid the “Oops” Moments: Not every crash will be a charge. If you’re too late or in a bad spot, you’re getting slapped with a blocking foul.


  • Some badges really level up your charge game. Like “Clamps” to stick on ’em or “Intimidator” to make ’em rethink that drive. It ain’t just about raw talent; it’s about getting that badge boost, ya know?


  • Diversify Your D: Don’t be that player who tries to take a charge every play. Mix it up! Sometimes contest the shot, sometimes go for the steal, and when they least expect it—BAM!—hit ’em with the charge.


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