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Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients – Tips, Tricks & Strategies

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Tips, Tricks & Strategies

  • Keep your troops well stocked with food – otherwise, their morale will suffer. Morale is the key to winning fights; one unit can take on five if their morale is better.


  • Watch those flanks; your unit’s morale will plummet if they are successfully flanked for an extended period.


  • Intel is the key to victory; always scout out your target cities before considering invasion to ensure that you have ample forces to win the battle.


  • The retreat is a very valid tactic; if you can’t win the battle, don’t be afraid to fall back. Nothing will be gained if your troops are slaughtered; you might also possibly pull your enemies into a trap if they chase you into your territory.


  • A blockade describes the strategic activity of blocking supplies from reaching an enemy army or building. Without food, enemies will be unable to fight or defend their cities.


  • As long as there is food to feed them, the presence of a garrison will reduce the damage inflicted on a city during a siege and allow it to fire back on the enemy. Garrisons will also increase morale in captured cities.


  • Garrison combat units near valuable targets such as farms, mines, or unwalled cities to deter raiders.


  • Pursuit is the act of chasing down enemy units that have been routed in combat to maximize casualties or capture slaves. If a routed unit escapes, its members will rejoin their home city’s recruit pool allowing the enemy to recover faster.


  • In the summer, many marshes become dry enough for units to navigate without the Marsh Movement attribute.


  • During the winter, all open water is considered too rough to sail and will damage and sink ships out of port for too long.


  • To starve an open water port, you’ll need to cut off the food supply that it receives by ship. Either block their trade routes with warships or wait until winter when stormy weather stops open sea travel.


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