Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game – Useful Tips & Tricks

Useful Tips & Tricks

  • Whenever you recruit a new follower make sure to Tag their skills as they start with zero tagged skills.


  • Heroic feats can only be taken at character creation and require 10 in their respective attributes, you can only ever have 1 Heroic feat.


  • The skill system is used by doing, using skills will give you skill experience points that will level up skills but do not impact character level.


  • Character XP, as distinct from skill XP, is gained by completing quests and allows characters to level up granting access to more feats.


  • Combat outside of the Pit will heal characters until medkits are added, otherwise use the Medbay.


  • Activate energy shields/gadgets before combat at the cost of 2AP, there is no impact on the initiative.


  • Yellow skill checks for Speech skills (Persuasion, Streetwise, Impersonate) allow for partial success and partial XP skill gain, yellow skill checks for non-Speech skills can not be passed.


  • F5 quick-save, F9 quick-load.


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