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Top 5 Cell to Singularity – Evolution Never Ends Tips & Tricks


Cell to Singularity – Evolution Never Ends is a simulation game of our planet’s entire history. From the Big Bang all the way to the future of the universe, this clicker game has you decide the fate of humankind and the lifeforms around us. Getting to the fun parts, though, can be a painful slog. Messing around at first can be fun, and you can actually make a few mistakes. Efficiency, though, will take you a lot further.


In this post, we’re giving you 5 tips to help you improve your efficiency and enjoy all the game has to offer.



Decide Your Playstyle

Compared to other clicker games, Cell to Singularity is unique because of its playstyle versatility. The game’s main mechanic involves generating Entropy to advance your evolutionary tree. You can generate this currency by clicking anywhere on the screen. Alternatively, you can save up for more efficient generators that can automate your Entropy making, allowing you to play more passively. Players who prefer a more active playstyle have more freedom of choice on the generators they produce.



Advanced Efficiency

If you’re choosing to make your Entropy generation as efficient as possible, you want to look at creating and upgrading advanced lifeforms. These are some of the most efficient generators in the entire game, with a few exceptions. To best understand when advanced lifeforms are more efficient, you need to look at how many upgrades they have compared to your lower ones. If your lesser lifeforms have more upgrades, then the advanced ones are less efficient.


Top 5 Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never Ends Tips & Tricks



Mesozoic Focus

The Mesozoic Valley is one of the most essential parts of the game because it is vital in advancing your primary simulation. However, this isn’t reciprocal. Your main sim won’t help the Valley advance, meaning you should spend more time working on your Mesozoic Valley first before progressing your tree further. The obvious exception is when you’ve run out of things to do in the Mesozoic Valley, in which case you can work on other simulations.





Natural Selection

Darwinium is Cell to Singularity’s premium currency, meaning you need to spend money to acquire it. The game does trickle a bit of the stuff, but it’s a slow burn. Therefore, if you’re a free-to-play player, you’ll want to make the most out of the little Darwinium you’re given. Without a doubt, the best bang for your buck will come from buying Geodes in the Mesozoic Valley. These nifty little things will produce a guaranteed number of cards, particularly the Rare and Epic kind. For best effects, make sure to build them at higher Valley ranks.



Choice Generator

One of the most challenging choices to make in Cell to Singularity is upgrading a generator or buying a copy of it. The rule of thumb to employ is checking the percentage increase of both options. It’s also essential to weigh the cost and benefit you get from choosing one over the other. One thing to bear in mind is that more advancement through upgrades is always going to bit a slight percentage increase.


Following all tips and tricks may help you overcome all challenges during the gameplay. If you have any additional tips or tricks to contribute to this guide, please leave a comment. We’ll update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.


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