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Airborne Kingdom Beginner’s Guide: Top 5 Tips & Tricks

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Conquer the skies in The Wandering Bands LLC’s Airborne Kingdom, a city builder like nothing you’ve ever seen. Carefully build out an entire civilization in the skies, and provide for the citizens who call it home. For fans of city builders and management sims, Airborne Kingdom has a whole new set of challenges to overcome. And for gamers who might want to break into the genre with this game, don’t feel overwhelmed! With this beginner’s guide, I will share a few tips and tricks that will help you get your city off the ground and stay there! So put on your hardhat and freshen your flight knowledge, let’s take to the skies!



  1. Have A Steady Supply Of Resources

Early in Airborne Kingdom, you will be focusing on building out your floating fortress and the buildings that will keep it running and thriving. All of this construction is going to require many resources, like wood and clay. Once you’ve built your first hangar, you will be able to send citizens out in planes to collect these resources. Some resources will need to be refined, Like Adobe. Adobe is clay that has been refined at a Kiln, which is another building you will need to construct with the previous resources. As you can see, all of the resources you collect will feed into the next layer of construction and refining facilities, so you’ll need to carefully manage what you need to stay afloat with what you need to grow.



  1. Keep Your Citizens Happy

As your kingdom grows, you will be able to take on new citizens, or “immigrants”, from the settlements, dotted throughout the procedurally generated landscape. Each citizen that joins you on your sky-bound journey will need a place to live. The houses for your citizens are another thing to consider in the management of your resources, as they take considerable resources to complete, and you will be building many houses to keep your populace safe. Later in the game, you will also need to manage the citizenry’s satisfaction level, which is determined by the success or failure of the kingdom, their comfort level, and the amenities they have access to.



  1. Continue To Innovate

After you build the Academy, you will occasionally be given opportunities to research new buildings and technology. The new buildings will cover the categories of Desire, Propulsion, and Lift. Desire buildings will provide your citizens with amenities and creature comforts, which will be important in managing their satisfaction level. Propulsion and Lift buildings are important for keeping your kingdom from crashing into the ground, so you’re going to want to research these as soon as the opportunity arises. All of the buildings available to you can also be upgraded by completing specific research at the Academy. Completing these upgrades will increase efficiency, capacity, or effectiveness depending on the building being upgraded.



  1. Follow The Path

As your kingdom expands, just like any city building game, you will need to build the roads that connect the city’s center with all of the necessary buildings. These roads are called “Paths” in Airborne Kingdom, and they are less resource-intensive to build than other constructions, so feel free to build them as necessary. While you could just build a path to connect two sections, I would recommend taking into account the placement of your resource storage buildings, refineries, and the target location for those materials. Building a path that connects these buildings in the most efficient manner will save your citizens a lot of time when transporting and delivering materials.



  1. Perfectly Balanced, As All Things Should Be

My final tip is something the game’s tutorials (which you should absolutely be paying attention to) will also warn you about. Perhaps the most crucial aspect of building your city in Airborne Kingdom is making sure everything maintains perfect balance. For every building and path you build, you will need to consider how it affects the lift and propulsion systems. If your Airborne Kingdom beings to tilt, you could be on the path to disaster, especially with all of the people who are entrusting their safety to you. You are of course free to build everything out to your own design, but the puzzle-like strategy of maintaining your tilt along with the propulsion, lift, and mass of your kingdom is one of the most important parts of the game.




Airborne Kingdom, like its cousins in the city building and management genres, is at its best when you have a fully working kingdom. It’ll be a long road to get there, but hopefully, these tips will help you reach this point of the game, where everything is running like a well-oiled machine, and your citizens are as happy as they can be. If you’re getting ready to take to the skies in Airborne Kingdom, good luck, and godspeed!


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